Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you

Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you


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Emergency Flood Clearance in London

IQ plumbing services are experts in the field of flood drainage. We have the technology, the knowledge and the expertise to solve your drainage and flood problems fast and effectively, allowing the tragedy of a flooded property to ebb away, as you leave the job of clearing and drying out your property, in our more than capable hands. 

Each year we are seeing a steady increase in the amount of rain water we are getting and an even greater increase in flooding. This can be highly detrimental to many properties as pipes are old and worn out or simply clogged up. The need for emergency drainage and flood clearance solutions in London is on the rise and during the autumn and winter months especially, here at IQ plumbing services we enjoy being busy and helping our customers with flood clearance and drainage solutions,  both in a preventative capacity and an emergency. At IQ plumbers, we are experts in this field. We have extensive experience in helping both our commercial and our residential customers cope with the devastating aftermath of a flooded property, whether they be basements, commercial properties or flooded car parks. Please call IQ plumbing services now on 0800 917 1554 to speak to a fully qualified engineer to see how we can help with your London drainage and flood problems. Click here to see the rate card at the bottom of the page to see our fees, with no hidden extras.

To ensure that our customers get the best and most reliable service they need, we utilize the latest in technological advances. We use the same 2400psi jet pumps as the fire brigade use and which connect to the mains water pipes. We can clear up to 4ft of water from basements that are below the sewer line and install sump pumps to get the excess water out of your property as quickly as possible. We dry it out quickly and efficiently and thereby minimise the damage caused.

We ensure that all your flood clearance and your drainage needs are met. We can clear blocked gullies letting rain water flow freely and we use CCTV drainage surveys to check whether it is roots or debris that are getting in the way. We provide the solution and give you the knowledge to prevent the problem from worsening. We will always advise our customers as to the best way of stopping a problem from reoccurring, saving them money and keeping them informed every step of the way of what we are doing to fix it.

Whatever your drainage or plumbing needs, general or emergency, IQ Plumbers are your London plumbing and drainage experts. With us, our customers always come first. We are available by appointment as well as operating a 24hour emergency service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please feel free to call to book a no obligation appointment with our team of experienced engineers and technicians.

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