Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you

Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you


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If you are in need of a plumber that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to professionalism, quality of workmanship and the fastest response time in London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no hidden fees or call out charges, then you have definitely come to the right place.

At this time of year we see more and more problems with frozen pipes or worst still, burst pipes! If you have a frozen or burst pipe that needs fixing, call us straight away on 077715 282 998. We will attempt to be with you within the hour wherever possible. For more information on Burst Pipes or frozen pipes that need thawing, use this link BURST PIPES.

Choose one of the tabs below and see how we might help you with your general plumbing queries, your commercial plumbing contracts or your emergency plumbing needs. We are your local, friendly 24 hour plumbing service in London – see why you should choose IQ and if you need any futher convincing, why not visit our testimonials page?

Burst Pipes can be prevented this winter

Top tips for preventing your pipes from freezing

  • Ensure that your walls, lofts and cellars are insulated - don't let pipes in these areas get cold.
  • Insulate your hot water tank around the sides and the top
  • Insulate your pipes all year round. 
  • Fix leaky taps and replace washers. 
  • Leave the heating on low in cold weather even if you are going away. 
  • Leave your loft door or hatch open on really cold days as the air in the rest of the house will help to heat it
  • Disconnect your hose, turn off the tap. 

What to do if your pipes freeze or burst

  • Know where you stop clock is
  • Turn of the mains straight away.
  • Contact IQ Plumbing Services immediately on 077715 282 998
  • If the pipe has not yet burst and is only blocked, protect any electrics around the pipe in case it does.
  • NEVER try to thaw out the pipes if they are close to a gas supply - call IQ! 
  • If attempting to thaw the pipes yourself use towels or a hair dryer. NEVER us a blow torch.
  • Make sure the tap is open on the pipe that you are trying to thaw so that when the water defrosts it can flow out easily.

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