Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you

Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you


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London Drainage Solutions from IQ Plumbers

Blocked drains, toilets, blocked sinks, sewers and foul smells can be some of the most disconcerting things for house-owners or commercial property owners to have to deal with. It is rarely a job that is relished and quite often something that could have been prevented in the first place. At IQ we take our drainage service and solutions very seriously. We provide fast results, coupled with expert advice on how to prevent drainage problems from occurring again. We service the whole of London with our expert team of plumbing and drainage experts and operate an emergency 24 hour drainage response unit, throughout the year. 

IQ offers a range of drainage services, both domestic and commercial. We can repair drains that are broken or have collapsed. We can unblock your drains, reline and patch them, carry out professional mechanical de-scaling as well as drain jetting. We use CCTV surveys to ascertain the problem and can even replace drains entirely if required, though this is usually a last resort. For more information on CCTV surveys, drain jetting (also known as high pressure water jetting), and indoor and outdoor repairs, please use the tabs below. 

Expert CCTV drain surveys in London by IQ Plumbing Services.

Cutting edge technology is now being incorporated into the plumbing trade, and the use of closed circuit television or CCTV drain cameras has revolutionised the diagnosis and repair of serious plumbing and drainage problems. CCTV incorporates robotics and the latest high definition imaging technology.  These mobile rigs can access pipes that would previously have had to be excavated for detailed inspections to have been carried out.  Using CCTV drain camera surveys allows us to diagnose persistent, recurring blockages, their causes and provide a quick and efficient solution for repairing them permanently, saving both time and money.  CCTV is great for trying to figure out the persistent drain problems that could be down to tree roots or toys or even household objects. You would be amazed what we find down there.

At IQ Plumbing Services all our plumbers are fully qualified in CCTV drain surveys. The CCTV technology allows them to conduct a professional drain survey by inserting a CCTV drainage camera into the pipes. The images it sees is relayed back to the mobile units in full technicolour in order to ascertain where the problem lies. We can easily locate cracks and clogs in your pipes and use high pressure water jetting in order to unblock them. If we discover broken or collapsed pipes we can advise you on the best action to take and can even communicate directly with your insurance company, helping to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling.

Pre-Purchasing CCTV Drain Survey

These days it is also advisable to have a drain survey carried out on a property you would like to buy. Many mortgage companies now insist on this and at IQ Plumbers we provide a fast and efficient service, delivering a full report within a matter of days for you to use for your mortgage company. Using CCTV equipment means that there is no disruption to the property or the environment.

At IQ Plumbing services we like to deliver a holistic service to our clients, which is why we realise the importance being well versed in the art of plumbing as well as keeping abreast of new technology. CCTV is the best in new technology and all our engineers are fully qualified in its use. As with all our services, our pricing is transparent and upfront, with no hidden costs.

Please contact us to book appointment for a general plumbing drain enquiry 0800 917 1554 or call our mobile number 07715 282 998 in an emergency. You will always speak directly to one of our engineers on using either of the numbers above. 





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