Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you

Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you


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London Drainage Solutions from IQ Plumbers

Blocked drains, toilets, blocked sinks, sewers and foul smells can be some of the most disconcerting things for house-owners or commercial property owners to have to deal with. It is rarely a job that is relished and quite often something that could have been prevented in the first place. At IQ we take our drainage service and solutions very seriously. We provide fast results, coupled with expert advice on how to prevent drainage problems from occurring again. We service the whole of London with our expert team of plumbing and drainage experts and operate an emergency 24 hour drainage response unit, throughout the year. 

IQ offers a range of drainage services, both domestic and commercial. We can repair drains that are broken or have collapsed. We can unblock your drains, reline and patch them, carry out professional mechanical de-scaling as well as drain jetting. We use CCTV surveys to ascertain the problem and can even replace drains entirely if required, though this is usually a last resort. For more information on CCTV surveys, drain jetting (also known as high pressure water jetting), and indoor and outdoor repairs, please use the tabs below. 

Speedy and efficient commercial drainage services in London

Rapid response and speedy emergency drainage services are vitally important for commercial establishments as well as private homes, perhaps even more so as for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bars it is essential that nothing interrupts your day or stops you from delivering faultless service to your customers.  IQ Plumbing Services has extensive experience in working with establishments where a quick and professional service is vital in order to keep the business running smoothly.

IQ Plumbers offers a regular maintenance contract for keeping commercial drains clear at all times, as well as a rapid response drain clearing unit that is available 24/7 365 a year. We carry out the clearing work periodically to ensure that drains are not left to their own devices and suddenly needing a drain clearing emergency and we work with our customers to ensure that these times are convenient to them. We endeavour, at all times, to work around our customers’ needs, and work tirelessly to prevent them from having to close their businesses, due to blocked drain pipes or a flooding sewer.

If you are looking for commercial drain cleaning experts in London, then look no further. Our engineers are all professional, helpful and highly experienced in the art of drain clearing in London where the houses are old with pipework to match. We arrive on time and do the job swiftly. We believe in transparency at all times, and our fees are reasonable and fair with no hidden extras. We can help with any drainage emergency from blocked toilets, blocked drains, blocked sewers to funny and foul smelling odours, jet cleaning your pipes, degreasing them, leaving them clean and fresh for you to continue using them and we always offer expert advice for how you can prevent us coming back in the future. Call us to make an appointment or to deal with you drain cleaning emergency.


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