Drain Jetting

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Drain Jetting

Drain jetting (also known as drain jet cleaning) is the fastest way to clear your drains of any obstructions; not only is a drain jetter the fastest way to unblock drains, but it is also the most economical and environmentally friendly.

At IQ Plumbing Services we provide a professional drain jetter service for hire, and in most cases it is relatively inexpensive to do so. Our drain jetters can be used to unblock sinks, showers, waste disposal units and toilets. The length of time it takes to clear a drain using the drain jetting method depends on a number of factors which will include the length and diameter of the drain, as well as where the blockage is located. On average your drain can be cleared in less than two hours, and using drain jetting is an excellent and effective way of removing tough obstructions such as fat and grease. If you are experiencing a recurring problem with your drain then you should consider using the drain jetting method to provide a more lasting solution rather than more traditional methods such as rodding, which may provide a short-term solution to your problem but will do nothing to keep the problem from reoccurring.

After we have dealt with your emergency drainage problem, our experienced plumbers will advise you as to whether drain jetting should then be employed on a regular basis to make sure that the same problem does not occur again.

High pressure water jetting is a high tech way of manipulating water, and takes regular drain jetting to the next level. This method is becoming increasingly popular on an industrial scale. This method of clearing drains needs to be carried out by a trained professional and is both versatile and effective. At IQ Plumbing Services our 24hr high pressure water jetting service provides a deep cleaning solution to the toughest of drain clearance problems.

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