Disastrous blockages

August 5th, 2009

Everybody has drains; most people simply never give them a thought. That is until they quietly and insidiously block. Then everyone runs around like headless chickens trying to prevent a small debacle turning into a huge and very smelly disaster. Hotels, restaurants and all places where food is served know the nastiness of blocked drains.

They know what it could mean to their business. This does not make domestic drain problems any less serious though; no-one wants to have to deal with this rather nasty problem. What makes this such a frustrating problem is that you do not have to do anything wrong.

Drains are used to discard liquids. Over time the pipes build up a residue of anything from leaves to grease and other unmentionables. There is only one answer to this problem; call an emergency drainage company and do it fast.

Fast solution

We fully understand the seriousness of blocked drains that start backing up and that it is not only a problem, but that it holds health hazards that must be avoided. That is why we have a 24/7 call-out service with no call-out charge. As an emergency drainage company we fully understand that all domestic and commercial blockages cannot be left unattended.

Our policy is to respond immediately, access the problem with up-to-date equipment and then clear the blockage. An efficiently working drainage system is a necessity for everyone today to ensure a safe environment at home and at business premises. It is advisable to call in professional help when it is suspected that drains are not functioning effectively as it is easier to deal with before a blockage occurs.

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