How to clear blocked drains

September 7th, 2009

There are a number of methods which you may adopt if you want to clear a blocked drain. While there are some domestic methods you may adopt, these may not be as thorough as contracting an emergency drainage company such as IQ Plumbers in London.

At IQ Plumbers, we have a very professional service we have on offer and this will give you satisfaction as well as peace of the mind. As leading plumbers in London, we have a lot of experience working in the city and the surrounding areas.

What are some of the drain clearing methods

There are many ways you can use if you want to clear a blocked drain and these stretch from the professional to the domestic. It is usually the case that if you consult an emergency plumber, then he or she would be able to give you exactly what has to be done.

Some of the techniques which are being used now are so advanced that one would not have thought of them a few years back. One such method is the use of closed circuit television survey to take a deep look at the drain and see where the problem lies.

This then means that the solution is based on what would have been seen and not an assumption. Another method that is used is high pressure water jetting which forces the waste down the drain until it is cleared. Finally there is the core lining which is very popular with drainage companies as it offers a long term solution.

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