When Is A CCTV Drain Inspection Necessary?

November 11th, 2009

At IQ Plumbing Services, we pride ourselves on being one of the most professionally equipped emergency plumbers in London. For this reason, we have cutting edge technology to deal with slow running or blocked drains where the reason for the blockage is unclear. Because drains are buried deep underground, it’s not always easy to make a diagnosis.

People assume all blocked drains are caused by sink waste, toilet flushings or  garden debris finding their way into the system While these are undoubtedly the most common reason for calling out emergency plumbers, London has a very old underground drainage system which itself can often be the cause of blocked drains.

When we get a call-out for a blockage, we always listen carefully to what the home owner has to tell us – especially if the drain has suddenly blocked, or the current blockage has recurred following an earlier emergency callout. It could be that something more serious is going on, such as a cracked drainpipe or even a collapsed sewer.

This is when CCTV drain inspection becomes invaluable. If the usual methods won’t work, then it’s time to determine the exact cause and nature of the problem. A CCTV camera is remotely controlled by an operator, who observes the footage on a van monitor. He can take a close look at the problem, diagnose the cause and – in the event a repair is necessary – pinpoint exactly where digging needs to be done. This avoids a great deal of upheaval and expense for the home owner.

If you need a plumber in London, then we at IQ Plumbing Services have the equipment to deal with any problem, no matter how large or small.

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