Autumn Leaves

October 12th, 2009

With the summer weather behind us and the onset of autumn, the change of season heralds the start of a busy period for emergency plumbers, namely a period of blocked drains, gutters and down pipes. Working in a city with many leafy, tree-lined suburbs, emergency plumbers in London are well used to dealing with the problems autumn brings.

Leaves falling from trees are a major cause of blockages. As the leaves fall, not all are swept away at the roadside or into garden bonfires. A significant proportion of the leaves will fall or be blown into the guttering around your home.

This can cause all sorts of problems when the rain comes, with gutters overflowing and rain water running down the outside walls instead of safely down the drain. Some of the fallen leaves will be washed along the guttering and into the down pipes, causing blockages in difficult to clear locations. Rain and wind will wash yet more leaves directly into your drains and increase the risk of blocked drains.

You may not even be aware of any blockage until a period of heavy rain. That’s when you need the services of experienced and reliable emergency plumbers. At IQ Plumbing Services we’re justifiably proud of our customer care record. As an experienced emergency drainage company with operatives available throughout London, we can have a fully qualified engineer on your doorstep within one hour of your call. Blocked drains and gutters can be cleared quickly and efficiently for both residential and commercial clients.

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