Extraordinary sanitation for a nation

August 12th, 2009

Leaking taps and clogged up toilets getting you down? At IQ Plumbing Services, sanitation engineering comes first.

Why may it be so hard for London cardiologists to unclog blocked drains as he would unblock a clogged up artery or vein for London plumbers?

Well, London cardiologists surely had learned from medical school the intrinsic workings of the heart, veins and the like, making their task at any kind of bypass surgery look like child’s play. Best sanitary engineering practices our suitably qualified London plumbers are able to apply, as a result of the intense apprenticeships they undergo, much like the cardiologist who attends medical school.

Performing our plumbing work with clinical precision is what we strive for, as we take each of our endeavours to unclog a drain or a pipe to be the equivalent of saving a heart – saving a human.

Plumbers in London adhere to and know only the best plumbing engineering practices, with 24 hour service available for every emergency plumbing requirement.

If you think our very own plumbing cardiologists have something to offer you, then you’re right on the money. While it may be hard for a London cardiologist right now to unclog blocked drains as is unblocking an artery for a London plumber, you better watch out, for our next plumbing apprentice may very well be your very own cardiologist.

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