How Well Do You Know Your Drains?

October 19th, 2009

Leaking or blocked drains can cause problems for any household. Drains and sewers can suffer from the ravages of time, and often from the ravages of plant roots and builders’ shovels too.  It can be reasonably easy to test and check your drains if you can access inspection chambers. These, however, can often become lost beneath fences or decking.

As a consequence of the large number of terraced houses in the capital, emergency plumbers in London are also aware of the possible drainage problems in these areas. Victorian buildings in particular should be inspected regularly. When a simple maintenance issue is ignored it can soon become a reason for calling an emergency drainage company.

Checking the drains yourself can be a simple process. As with any DIY work, care and common sense are needed. To check your drains, first run some taps in your house. Lift the cover on the inspection chamber outside (while watching out for children and pets, as well as your toes and back). If the drain is working efficiently you should see the water flowing through the chamber. Look out for signs of any problems, such as tree roots in the chamber or pipes, or stagnant water. If you discover foul-smelling or black water you can be fairly certain there’s a blockage in the system.

The qualified and experienced engineers here at IQ Plumbing Services can inspect your drains using tried and trusted methods along with the latest technology. We can provide a rapid response to any drainage emergency, or a reliable maintenance service to prevent one.

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