The importance of routine Plumbing Maintenance

December 9th, 2009

The plumbing system is the most important component of any house and therefore should be regularly maintained, yet it would seem that water pipes are generally ignored until they burst, cause a leak and ultimately result in a panicked call to the emergency plumbers.

London property owners may not even be aware that water leakages are one of the prime reasons for water rates being so high. Perhaps if this knowledge were more widespead, it would encourage more care being taken in general plumbing maintenence.

A house with sound plumbing and drainage demands a much higher sale value than one in which these areas are in poor repair, yet many plumbers in London only recieve calls when the property is about to go on the market.

There are many routine jobs that the home owner can take resposibility of to maintain that plumbing is in optimum condition. When left unattended, they lead to calls for emergency plumbers. London has numerous DIY stores and home plumbing outlets, so it is easier than people assume to take care of your plumbing. While some things are best left to the experts, there are plenty of jobs which are easily tackled with just a few basic tools and a good knowledge.

Clogged drains, dripping taps and leaking flush valves are annoying plumbing defects that are usually ignored unless they suddenly get a lot worse, yet they can waste money and cause failure of other systems such as the boiler if left untreated.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have years of experience when it comes to dealing with emergencies that are often preventable. Our emergency plumbers understand that London property owners don’t have the time to constantly check every pipe and valve, which is why they recommend maintenance contracts and are happy to offer help and advice.

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