What To Do If You Get A Burst Water Pipe

November 25th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services anticipate a lot of emergency plumbers in London will be kept busy this year, dealing with burst water pipes. Here we give a few tips on how to avoid becoming a casualty – and what to do if you are.

1. Thoroughly lag all exposed water pipes both inside and out. If the lagging is old – replace it.

2. Emergency plumbers in London are called throughout the year because of old, worn-out pipes. Check yours carefully, especially if you live in an old property. If the pipes are rusty, brittle or corroded – replace them before the weather forces you to!

3. If you’re going away, leave the central heating ticking over. At IQ Plumbing Services, our emergency plumbers are most often called out to cold houses where the owner has, quite suddenly, decided to “warm it up a bit.”

But what if, despite all this, you get a burst pipe anyway? Here’s how to keep safe and minimise damage:

1. It’s essential that, the moment a burst pipe is suspected, you turn off the water supply. Make sure you know where the stopcock is, before you have to find it in a hurry.

2. Locate the leak. If the flow continues, it means the problem is in the cold water storage system, rather than the main supply. It is getting rarer to find homes with water tanks these days, but if you have one it’s probable this is where the problem is. You’ll need to empty it by turning on all the taps in the house.

3. Switch off the electricity to avoid possible electric shock. This also ensures the boiler is switched off, safeguarding you from explosion as the hot water is drained.

4. Call the emergency plumbers – London’s got plenty to choose from! We at IQ Plumbing Services will come out straight away, repairing the pipe to a high level of craftsmanship at very reasonable cost.

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