Why Ignoring Small Plumbing Problems Can Lead To Big Bills

November 6th, 2009

When people call out a plumber in London, it’s rarely due to routine maintenance. More often, i’’s because something that started off small has turned into something very big, very quickly – leading to an urgent call for the emergency plumbers to come out!

We at IQ Plumbing Services have emergency plumbers available throughout London. However, although we can fix any plumbing problem, from blocked drains to burst water pipes, we can’t repair the damage that’s been done. To avoid expensive property repairs, it’s essential to tackle small plumbing problems as and when they arise.

Everyone knows how to fix a leaky tap washer, right? Wrong. With today’s modern ‘designer’ taps and high water pressure systems, it’s a trickier job than it looks, and left unattended can quickly lead to a flooded bathroom. So make a conscious effort to have your tap washers replaced once a year by a qualified plumber – don’t wait for the annoying drip to start.

Emergency plumbers know that bad weather conditions inevitably mean a heavy downpour of callouts. Autumn is an essential time to check that pipes are well lagged and drains are clear. So check your drain has a cover, clear fallen leaves, use a sink trap to collect kitchen waste and flush the pipes once a week with a proprietary drain cleaner, to dissolve any congealed fat.

Don’t ignore slow draining pipes; it means a blockage has formed, and the first downpour will cause a flood. If you need a plumber in London, at IQ Plumbing Services a call we can help because routine drain clearance is just one of many jobs we tackle.

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