You are busy preparing a meal

August 7th, 2009

If your restaurant suddenly develops blocked drains as the evening rush is about to begin, you will have a serious problem. No guest is going to enjoy a meal with the odour coming from blocked drains, wafting about.

Similarly, you have planned a dinner party for your wedding anniversary, invited friends and family to join you, and you are in the middle of preparing the evening meal when the drains block and the smell is overpowering.

In fact food preparation and cooking is probably not going to happen. If you are a restaurateur, this is going to have a serious effect on your cash flow as well as your reputation.

IQ Plumbing Services

IQ Plumbing Services specialise in this sort of problem, amongst others. Your boiler may suddenly fail. Not many people are aware that boilers have a life span, and when they breakdown, water sprays everywhere inevitably creating a huge mess as well as a lot of damage.

IQ Plumbing Services, emergency plumbers London, operate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. So it does not matter what the time, you will be able to rely on getting a fast response to your problem.

From blocked drains to emergency drainage, no plumbing problem is beyond us. In fact, if you are a restaurateur, it would be worth programming regular cleaning of your waste drains to avoid this sort of unpleasant occurrence.

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