24/7 emergency plumbers

August 18th, 2009

Plumbing or drainage disasters almost always try to catch you off-side. Whether it is late at night, very early in the morning or on a public holiday or a Sunday, it can be extremely inconvenient and tough to find emergency plumbers willing to come out and see to your problem.

When you do find emergency plumbers that are willing to come out and fix your blocked drain, burst pipes or any other kind of plumbing problem, then your are usually stuck with bills for exorbitant call out fees, over-priced labour and even more over priced equipment.

At IQ Plumbing services, we understand that this is already an extremely unwelcome and unexpected emergency and our aim is to give you very competitive prices when you make use of our emergency plumbers.

Just like you, we have heard some horror stories about emergency plumbers coming out to fix a broken pipe, for example, leaving the client with even more problems than before. This leaves the client not only with the task of searching for other more reliable emergency plumbers, but also twice the cost.

We aim to never ever be classified as one of ‘those’ emergency plumbers and our fully qualified emergency plumbers are all highly experienced and trained to give you excellent customer service and attend to your problems within an hour of your call.

By using our quick and efficient emergency plumbers you will be able to keep damage to your property at a minimum and have your problem solved without any unnecessary hassles.

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