Engineering Excellence – A London Tradition

October 16th, 2009

When it comes to drainage problems, we at IQ Plumbing Services like to think we know our business. Our team of emergency plumbers have the qualifications and experience to deal with every manner of drainage problem.

It’s thanks to engineers of the Victorian era, however, that we have such an elaborate drainage system to work with. We may grumble about blocked drains and other drainage problems, but without their innovative engineering skills, we would have a lot worse than blocked drains to contend with.

In the mid 19th Century, Joseph Bazalgette was London’s chief engineer at the metropolitan board of works. Having worked as a railway engineer after leaving the Royal Navy, in which he served as a captain, Joseph Bazalgette had gained a great deal of land drainage expertise.

Following repeated cholera outbreaks in the mid 19th Century, London’s metropolitan board instigated sewer improvements and by 1866, a sewer network designed by Bazalgette covered most of the city. His design ensured that waste water from underground rivers and older sewers was diverted along to his newly built Thames embankments to treatment works. By 1874 The Albert, Victoria and Chelsea embankments were completed, reclaiming the tidal mud along the shore for roads and gardens behind the river walls.

Bazalgette went on to share his expertise by training engineers in other British towns and other locations world-wide.

Engineering excellence is something of a tradition in London’s drainage systems, a tradition we’re proud to uphold at IQ Plumbing Services. Although unhealthy drainage is, thankfully, no longer an issue in the city, its population still relies on the skills and expertise of emergency plumbers when things go wrong.

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