The Way To Avoid Burst Water Pipes

November 23rd, 2009

Even though London streets are warmer than they used to be, the nights are just as cold. This means that emergency plumbers in London are going to be kept busy dealing with burst pipes this winter.

A common time for a burst to happen is after you’ve come home to a cold house and switched the heating on. The pipes may not have even been frozen, but the sudden difference in expansion and contraction rates is enough to cause a break, especially in old pipes. Well lagged pipes keep all the pipes at an ambient temperature, reducing this risk.

But winter isn’t the only time you may need the plumber. London homes often have old, deteriorating and brittle water pipes that can suddenly burst just through being worn out. They weren’t designed to take today’s high pressures, either.

We at IQ Plumbing Services are kept busy throughout the year, sending our emergency plumbers to London’s older homes.

However, a major cause of callouts for emergency plumbers in London this winter is through cold or frozen pipes, so minimise the risk of a burst by making sure your interior and exterior pipes are lagged in all unheated areas. If the lagging is powdery or old, it has lost its insulation properties – so replace it.

If you’re planning a short break, make sure the central heating is timed to switch on for a short period morning and night. This will help prevent a nasty surprise. However, if the worst does happen, and you need emergency plumbers in a hurry, we at IQ Plumbing Services will offer a fast, effective and affordable service.

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