Times When Blocked Drains Really Do Need An Emergency Drainage Company

November 18th, 2009

When we at IQ Plumbing are called out to blocked drains, it’s usually a case of flushing out congealed kitchen or bathroom waste, or accumulated silt and debris from the garden.

However, there are times when the problem is a bit more complex. The one thing that must never be done is to continue trying to force the blockage through. This could result in total drain collapse, or even the disappearance of your garden! Luckily, our emergency plumbers have a whole load of resources to call on, including CCTV analysis.

Here are some of the more common reasons why our emergency plumbers are called out to blocked drains from external causes:

1. Fractured pipe. This is a structural defect caused by pressure (commonly flooding or building work) from above ground. Fractures and cracks in the drain allow water to leak out, which destabilises the surrounding ground. When the drain isn’t in use, this leaches back, bringing soil with it. It needs urgent treatment as it can cause subsidence and will eventually collapse – a far more costly repair.

2. Collapsed drain. This self-explanatory problem has many causes, ranging from contractors drilling into the pipe, to severe flooding, to increased traffic on the road above.

3. Tree roots. This is caused by roots seeking moisture, cracking and fracturing the pipe as they go. Material flowing through the drain will snag on the roots, worsening the blockage. This can be avoided by sensible planting, but where trees are long established it’s best to replace clay pipes with PVC, which tree roots simply snake round.

Don’t leave it until you have to call out the emergency plumbers. In London, we at IQ plumbing Services will happily do a routine CCTV check of your drains, to ensure all is well.

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