Why Emergency Plumbers Say: Never Neglect Your Water Pipes

November 20th, 2009

With all the talk of global warming, it’s easy to believe that emergency plumbers in London get all their work from flooding and blocked drains rather than burst pipes. Which begs the question: why do people still bother with antifreeze – or lag their gardens for that matter?

Come Autumn, householders diligently chance the water in their cars, and protect their delicate green charges by moving them to the conservatory. They never stop to think that their household pipes are just as precious. Even if they lag those outside, they often neglect the ones in the loft, or rely on lagging that deteriorated years ago.  Yet above the insulation felt, it’s as cold indoors as out – often colder. You don’t need weeks of sub-freezing temperatures to suffer a burst pipe. One cold frost can do it, if your pipes aren’t properly lagged.

Burst pipes don’t always go on the coldest days, either. We at IQ Plumbers are kept busy throughout the year, repairing pipes.

Burst water pipes are a householder’s nightmare. Not only do you end up with emergency plumbers’ bills – you end up with hefty repairs, as well.

A burst pipe is potentially very dangerous
. The place pipes most often burst are often isolated from the rest of the house. This means householders are unlikely to notice a burst pipe until they hear dripping water. If the fuses don’t blow, it could signal tragedy. The way most people discover where the leak is, is by stepping in the puddle on the floor…

A burst pipe can be much more than a callout to the emergency plumbers. London householders have died from discovering – too late – that water and electricity don’t mix.

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