Winter Warnings

October 26th, 2009

It looks as though we’re in for a cold and wet winter this year. Householders and businesses can do a lot to help avoid the need to call out emergency plumbers. Below are some guidelines that we at IQ Plumbing Services provide our customers to help avoid winter plumbing problems.

Check the pipes in your house or business. Are they all properly insulated? This is especially important for pipes in inaccessible areas, like the loft, or unheated areas like outdoors. Insulating your pipes with inexpensive plastic foam from a home improvement store will provide protection against burst pipes and the expense of repairs.

Any water tanks in your loft should be properly insulated too. They should be covered in insulating material that fits closely the shape of the tank. This can easily become dislodged, so it’s important to check everything’s in place before the onset of winter. A burst water tank can turn a home into a disaster area. Avoid the issue by carrying out this quick, simple check.

Improve the efficiency of your heating system by using a key to vent air from your radiators. This will help ensure your home is heated evenly and effectively.

It’s also worth checking your heating in good time. Before the cold weather arrives in force, test your heating to make sure it’s working properly. If your system needs attention, it will be far more difficult to find a heating engineer during a cold spell.

Finally, if you have an outside tap, see if you can isolate it using a stop-cock inside the house. Open the tap to drain the water and leave it that way through winter.

In case you do have any trouble, be sure to have the numbers of good emergency plumbers such as ours to hand.

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