How Emergency Plumbers clear Blocked Drains

December 21st, 2009

When you call emergency plumbers in London, they will initially want to know how much, if anything, the householder has done already to rectify whatever plumbing issue is in question. They will ask if, for example, you have checked the sink trap in the kitchen. Or, if it’s a toilet blockage, if you have used a plunger or snake auger to try and shift it. Bath tubs are cleared by placing a cloth over the overflow before pumping the drain with a plunger. If this hasn’t worked then the plumber will use cabling to shift the blockage.

We at IQ Plumbing Services are a leading emergency drainage company and know all the tricks of the trade, thus we have various tools at our disposal. The ones used for heavy duty, blocked drains outdoors are different to those used for plumbing maintenence indoors. Heavy steel coils must not be used to clear the traps under bathtubs, sinks or toilets – these need a lighter, more flexible type of wire.

To clear floor drains, the grating is first removed and a hooked wire, auger or spatula used to clear out the debris. If you have called out a plumber to a London home that is 30 years old or less then it is worth checking if there is a removable trap to facilitate cleaning.

After debris is cleared, the plumber will pour hot water and/or a proprietary biodegradable cleaning agent down the drain, and clear the strainer thoroughly. One important tip we at IQ Plumbing Services give to householders is to regularly flush out floor drains that are not often used.

Among this, IQ Plumbing Services can offer advice in regards to blocked drains and other such issues after we have visited your home, in order to prevent you having to experience the inconvenience of such problems occuring again.

Dealing with Blocked Drains – yourself

December 18th, 2009

There are times when, no matter how careful you are, you will need to call an emergency plumber. London is full of old drains and sewers that are working far beyond the capacity that they were designed for. As a leading emergency drainage company in London, we at IQ Plumbing Services see many blocked drains – some of them quite serious blockages underground, and some which are easily dealt with indoors.

If you get a blocked sink, it may not be the underground drain at fault. Start by using a rubber plunger: place it tightly over the drain hole and pump vigorously. If this doesn’t work, there is a sink trap below the sink that you can remove by using a tool as commonly found as a wrench. Be sure to have a bucket underneath to catch the flow, and a piece of wire to remove any debris. When the trap is replaced, it is advised that new gaskets are used.

If the sink is still blocked after being flushed through again, you will need to call the emergency plumbers; London has plenty to choose from.

Toilet blockages are more difficult. You cannot use hot water as this can cause the enamel to crack, and caustic chemicals are environmentally unfriendly. If a plunger doesn’t work, it is best to call an emergency drainage company. They will most likely use a plumber’s “snake” to begin with – an adjustable auger with a sprung coil that is worked along the pipe. This will clear most clogs and is an inexpensive repair.

We at IQ Plumbing Services can clear most blockages in just a few minutes, for very little cost.

Avoiding Blocked Drains

December 15th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services are a top emergency drainage company operating within the London area. We get more calls about clogged up drains than anything else, yet issues such as this are mostly preventable.

Blocked drains are caused, mainly, by a lack of care. However, this is understandable when considering the busy day-to-day lives of Londoners.

The most used drain in the house runs from the kitchen, and this is the one that is most likely to get clogged. This problem can be lessened by being cautious about what is being emptied into the sink and by keeping the outside drain area clear of debris; simple tasks that can save you the added expense and stress of having to call out an emergency plumber because the most valuable sink in your house isn’t working.

People often ignore slow flowing sinks until they stop working altogether, and this is when emergency plumbers in London are usually called out. Nine times out of ten, the cause is a build up of fatty deposits. Liquid fat is emulsified by hot water and detergent and as water cools, the fat is deposited along the pipes. As time goes on, these deposits build up, trapping other debris along the way. Coffee grounds, especially, cause a concrete-like consistency that makes restoration even more difficult.

There are ways to avoid this: let grease set in the pans after use, then scrape it into the rubbish. Dispose of molten fat in an empty can, then throw it away. Dispose of coffee grounds in the bin, not the sink.

If you do get a blocked sink, a rubber plunger can help clear it. Before calling an emergency plumber, make sure that the blockage isn’t in the sink trap – this is easy to resolve.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have plenty of experience with blocked drains – if you need help with yours, give us a call.

The importance of routine Plumbing Maintenance

December 9th, 2009

The plumbing system is the most important component of any house and therefore should be regularly maintained, yet it would seem that water pipes are generally ignored until they burst, cause a leak and ultimately result in a panicked call to the emergency plumbers.

London property owners may not even be aware that water leakages are one of the prime reasons for water rates being so high. Perhaps if this knowledge were more widespead, it would encourage more care being taken in general plumbing maintenence.

A house with sound plumbing and drainage demands a much higher sale value than one in which these areas are in poor repair, yet many plumbers in London only recieve calls when the property is about to go on the market.

There are many routine jobs that the home owner can take resposibility of to maintain that plumbing is in optimum condition. When left unattended, they lead to calls for emergency plumbers. London has numerous DIY stores and home plumbing outlets, so it is easier than people assume to take care of your plumbing. While some things are best left to the experts, there are plenty of jobs which are easily tackled with just a few basic tools and a good knowledge.

Clogged drains, dripping taps and leaking flush valves are annoying plumbing defects that are usually ignored unless they suddenly get a lot worse, yet they can waste money and cause failure of other systems such as the boiler if left untreated.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have years of experience when it comes to dealing with emergencies that are often preventable. Our emergency plumbers understand that London property owners don’t have the time to constantly check every pipe and valve, which is why they recommend maintenance contracts and are happy to offer help and advice.

Improve your property value – take care of the Plumbing

December 7th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services have emergency plumbers in London’s most densely populated areas. The houses are often quite old, with plumbing and drainage that wasn’t designed to sustain today’s heavy usage.  It is important that London property owners maintain their plumbing systems so that plumbing disasters, such as blocked drains and leaking pipes, are avoided as much as possible.

However, as plumbing emergencies occur on a regular basis, our emergency drainage company is always kept busy.

The average home plumbing system represents approximately 15% of the total value of the property. When it comes to selling, your buyer will be looking carefully for plumbing mishaps, such as corroded pipes and neglected drainage outlets, when deciding whether or not your property is worth investing in. A badly maintained plumbing system could see the value of your property plummet. If you have slow waste flow, for example, the argument will be that it could be caused by a collapsed drain, and thus the new owner would need to call an emergency drainage company. The estimated cost of this would be deducted from any offer.

But even if you’re not aiming to move, there is no excuse for complacency. Our plumbing systems keep us warm in winter. We use gallons of water every day, from  taking showers to washing our dishes and clothes. A well maintained, fully-functioning plumbing system is essential to our health and well being, yet we conveniently forget that it needs regular maintenance and doesn’t take kindly to being mistreated.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that reliable emergency plumbers in London, such as those at IQ Plumbing Services, are called out so often.

Emergency repairs of Leaking Pipes

December 3rd, 2009

Emergency plumbers in London are called out for a variety of reasons, one of the most common problems being a leaking pipe. If a pipe is leaking badly, it can be dangerous – the ceiling can come down, or the water can get into the electrics.

If the leak is at a plumbing joint then quite often, tightening the joint will solve the problem. However, emergency plumbers are experienced in cases where the joint has been tightened so many times, or is so corroded, that it no longer forms a seal. In this case, the joint connection will need replacing.

It isn’t surprising that even experienced DIY buffs call out emergency plumbers rather than replace pipes themselves. At IQ Plumbing Services, our emergency plumbers answer London call-outs 7 days a week. The first thing they will is ask where the stop-cock is so that they can shut off the water, although it helps if you know how to do this yourself.

People try to avoid calling out a plumber in London by applying a pipe patch to a leak, assuming that this will save money. A pipe patch (a piece of rubber that is sealed over the leak with a clamp) can be made at home for a few pennies, but even customised kits offer, at best, a temporary repair. With a leak it is best to get the repairs completed professionally, using a qualified plumber. London households have the benefit of us at IQ Plumbing Services – we are only a phone call away, and promise fast, effective and competitively priced service.

Plumbing basics – what to do until the Emergency Plumbers get there

December 1st, 2009

When people call out emergency plumbers in London, they are usually in a panic. However, things are rarely as bad as they seem – a ceiling, for example, can absorb many pints of water before it begins to sag. The main concern is electrical safety, and this is easily dealt with by switching off any power at the fuse box.

Emergency plumbers have to prioritise their call-outs; fortunately, however, there’s a lot you can do to minimise the damage before they arrive. Leaking pipes, for example, are a common reason for calling out emergency plumbers, and a London DIY store near your home will probably have what you need to temporarily repair the damage until a plumber can begin the restoration process.

If you have a leaking pipe then it can potentially flood your home, but many leaks are less serious and can be stopped fairly easily. Leaks can occur in two ways: as a result of weak joints, or a failure in the pipe itself. If the leak happens at a joint, then tightening the joint will solve the problem and you may not even need to call out an emergency plumber. However, if the leak is in the pipe itself, that section of pipe will need replacing. This is definitely a job for the emergency plumbers as London pipes are often made of galvanised steel or even copper or lead, which is best left to experts when considering repair.

We at IQ Plumbing Services offer a 24 hour call-out service for emergencies, and aim to arrive as soon as possible after we’re called.

Minimum Qualifications For A Plumber in London

November 27th, 2009

It isn’t until someone tries to tackle a plumbing job themselves, that they realise what a highly skilled job plumbing is. Over the years the technology has become increasingly advanced, and we have to keep up to date with all aspects of the trade.

At IQ Plumbing Services we employ some of the best emergency plumbers in London. All are experienced in many different areas, and are fully qualified to City and Guilds level and beyond.

As a minimum qualification, a plumber in London must hold the City and Guilds NVQ level 2 certificate or equivalent. This gives students the knowledge, skills and certifications they need to work competently on modern domestic plumbing systems.

By using C and G qualified emergency plumbers in London, homeowners can be assured they are getting the services of highly qualified and council accredited professionals.  As well as a general technical certificate, the C and G course includes qualifications in:

•    Domestic copper pipework installation

•    Sanitary installation and maintenance

•    Water Supply Regulations 1999: It is illegal to work on the UK water supply without this, but following certification, students can register as a plumber with their local authority.

•    Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems – enabling plumbers to work on modern high pressure systems without storage tanks.

•    Power and gravity fed shower systems

•     Domestic electrical installer defined scope part p certificate. This is now also an essential qualification for emergency plumbers in London, as without it they are unable to work on any system where electricity is employed.

•    First aid and health and safety certificates

If you are looking for qualified emergency plumbers in London, those we employ at IQ Plumbing Services have undergone hundreds of hours of training to ensure they offer a first rate service to our customers.

What To Do If You Get A Burst Water Pipe

November 25th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services anticipate a lot of emergency plumbers in London will be kept busy this year, dealing with burst water pipes. Here we give a few tips on how to avoid becoming a casualty – and what to do if you are.

1. Thoroughly lag all exposed water pipes both inside and out. If the lagging is old – replace it.

2. Emergency plumbers in London are called throughout the year because of old, worn-out pipes. Check yours carefully, especially if you live in an old property. If the pipes are rusty, brittle or corroded – replace them before the weather forces you to!

3. If you’re going away, leave the central heating ticking over. At IQ Plumbing Services, our emergency plumbers are most often called out to cold houses where the owner has, quite suddenly, decided to “warm it up a bit.”

But what if, despite all this, you get a burst pipe anyway? Here’s how to keep safe and minimise damage:

1. It’s essential that, the moment a burst pipe is suspected, you turn off the water supply. Make sure you know where the stopcock is, before you have to find it in a hurry.

2. Locate the leak. If the flow continues, it means the problem is in the cold water storage system, rather than the main supply. It is getting rarer to find homes with water tanks these days, but if you have one it’s probable this is where the problem is. You’ll need to empty it by turning on all the taps in the house.

3. Switch off the electricity to avoid possible electric shock. This also ensures the boiler is switched off, safeguarding you from explosion as the hot water is drained.

4. Call the emergency plumbers – London’s got plenty to choose from! We at IQ Plumbing Services will come out straight away, repairing the pipe to a high level of craftsmanship at very reasonable cost.

The Way To Avoid Burst Water Pipes

November 23rd, 2009

Even though London streets are warmer than they used to be, the nights are just as cold. This means that emergency plumbers in London are going to be kept busy dealing with burst pipes this winter.

A common time for a burst to happen is after you’ve come home to a cold house and switched the heating on. The pipes may not have even been frozen, but the sudden difference in expansion and contraction rates is enough to cause a break, especially in old pipes. Well lagged pipes keep all the pipes at an ambient temperature, reducing this risk.

But winter isn’t the only time you may need the plumber. London homes often have old, deteriorating and brittle water pipes that can suddenly burst just through being worn out. They weren’t designed to take today’s high pressures, either.

We at IQ Plumbing Services are kept busy throughout the year, sending our emergency plumbers to London’s older homes.

However, a major cause of callouts for emergency plumbers in London this winter is through cold or frozen pipes, so minimise the risk of a burst by making sure your interior and exterior pipes are lagged in all unheated areas. If the lagging is powdery or old, it has lost its insulation properties – so replace it.

If you’re planning a short break, make sure the central heating is timed to switch on for a short period morning and night. This will help prevent a nasty surprise. However, if the worst does happen, and you need emergency plumbers in a hurry, we at IQ Plumbing Services will offer a fast, effective and affordable service.