How Well Do You Know Your Drains?

October 19th, 2009

Leaking or blocked drains can cause problems for any household. Drains and sewers can suffer from the ravages of time, and often from the ravages of plant roots and builders’ shovels too.  It can be reasonably easy to test and check your drains if you can access inspection chambers. These, however, can often become lost beneath fences or decking.

As a consequence of the large number of terraced houses in the capital, emergency plumbers in London are also aware of the possible drainage problems in these areas. Victorian buildings in particular should be inspected regularly. When a simple maintenance issue is ignored it can soon become a reason for calling an emergency drainage company.

Checking the drains yourself can be a simple process. As with any DIY work, care and common sense are needed. To check your drains, first run some taps in your house. Lift the cover on the inspection chamber outside (while watching out for children and pets, as well as your toes and back). If the drain is working efficiently you should see the water flowing through the chamber. Look out for signs of any problems, such as tree roots in the chamber or pipes, or stagnant water. If you discover foul-smelling or black water you can be fairly certain there’s a blockage in the system.

The qualified and experienced engineers here at IQ Plumbing Services can inspect your drains using tried and trusted methods along with the latest technology. We can provide a rapid response to any drainage emergency, or a reliable maintenance service to prevent one.


October 16th, 2009

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Engineering Excellence – A London Tradition

October 16th, 2009

When it comes to drainage problems, we at IQ Plumbing Services like to think we know our business. Our team of emergency plumbers have the qualifications and experience to deal with every manner of drainage problem.

It’s thanks to engineers of the Victorian era, however, that we have such an elaborate drainage system to work with. We may grumble about blocked drains and other drainage problems, but without their innovative engineering skills, we would have a lot worse than blocked drains to contend with.

In the mid 19th Century, Joseph Bazalgette was London’s chief engineer at the metropolitan board of works. Having worked as a railway engineer after leaving the Royal Navy, in which he served as a captain, Joseph Bazalgette had gained a great deal of land drainage expertise.

Following repeated cholera outbreaks in the mid 19th Century, London’s metropolitan board instigated sewer improvements and by 1866, a sewer network designed by Bazalgette covered most of the city. His design ensured that waste water from underground rivers and older sewers was diverted along to his newly built Thames embankments to treatment works. By 1874 The Albert, Victoria and Chelsea embankments were completed, reclaiming the tidal mud along the shore for roads and gardens behind the river walls.

Bazalgette went on to share his expertise by training engineers in other British towns and other locations world-wide.

Engineering excellence is something of a tradition in London’s drainage systems, a tradition we’re proud to uphold at IQ Plumbing Services. Although unhealthy drainage is, thankfully, no longer an issue in the city, its population still relies on the skills and expertise of emergency plumbers when things go wrong.

Drainage – A Historical Problem

October 14th, 2009

Despite no end of innovation in engineering, there’s still one thing we can’t do with water – stop it. Blocked drains and burst pipes will always keep emergency plumbers in London busy, but has it always been that way?

Although cities have been served by drainage systems since Roman times, and probably before, they haven’t always been as effective as we would like. The history of sewers and drains in London is no exception.

In 17th Century London there were three rivers that carried waste to the River Thames. Waste was washed down the streets to these rivers by rainwater, via sewers underneath the main thoroughfares. The Tyburn serves the middle of the city, flowing south to Regent’s park from St John’s Wood and Belsize Park. From there it runs through central London and past Buckingham Palace and into the Thames near Scotland Yard. The Westbourne runs from Kilburn to the Thames near Royal Hospital via Paddington, Hyde Park, and Knightsbridge. The source of the River Fleet is at Hampstead Heath. It then flows southeast to King’s Cross, Ludgate Circus and to the Thames.

By the 18th Century some properties included connections to local sewers and, with improved street cleaning, the focus shifted to the removal of waste water from households and flood prevention. It wasn’t until the end of the century that Cholera began to cause problems, leading eventually to more stringent waste water management. That, though, is another story.

The state of the art technology used by our team at IQ Plumbing Services would amaze the engineers who were first responsible for London’s waste water. Modern day emergency plumbers are able to provide fast, expert help whenever our customers need it.

Autumn Leaves

October 12th, 2009

With the summer weather behind us and the onset of autumn, the change of season heralds the start of a busy period for emergency plumbers, namely a period of blocked drains, gutters and down pipes. Working in a city with many leafy, tree-lined suburbs, emergency plumbers in London are well used to dealing with the problems autumn brings.

Leaves falling from trees are a major cause of blockages. As the leaves fall, not all are swept away at the roadside or into garden bonfires. A significant proportion of the leaves will fall or be blown into the guttering around your home.

This can cause all sorts of problems when the rain comes, with gutters overflowing and rain water running down the outside walls instead of safely down the drain. Some of the fallen leaves will be washed along the guttering and into the down pipes, causing blockages in difficult to clear locations. Rain and wind will wash yet more leaves directly into your drains and increase the risk of blocked drains.

You may not even be aware of any blockage until a period of heavy rain. That’s when you need the services of experienced and reliable emergency plumbers. At IQ Plumbing Services we’re justifiably proud of our customer care record. As an experienced emergency drainage company with operatives available throughout London, we can have a fully qualified engineer on your doorstep within one hour of your call. Blocked drains and gutters can be cleared quickly and efficiently for both residential and commercial clients.

Emergency Plumbers Needed?

October 9th, 2009

Running a leisure business in London is never easy. Personally dealing with every aspect of keeping your bar, restaurant, pub, hotel or nightclub operating smoothly and to maximum profit can be close to impossible. IQ Plumbing Services can help you concentrate on what you’re good at – running your business, by doing what we’re good at – ensuring the efficiency of your plumbing and drainage systems.

Calling out an emergency plumber in London at the last minute can be a huge expense, and often your only option when you’re faced with a problem involving blocked drains or burst pipes. One of the most effective ways to plan ahead for such emergencies is to take out a commercial maintenance contract with IQ Plumbing Services. A three-month or six-month contract would give you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you’ll have the services of our qualified and skilled engineers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to providing the assurance of a rapid response to any plumbing emergency almost anywhere in London, a maintenance contract includes a complete system clean-out and check-up at the onset, so you know your contract’s off to a good start, with the additional benefit of ongoing maintenance services throughout the contract.

With no call-out charge, highly-competitive rates and excellent customer service from our qualified staff, at IQ Plumbing Services we believe you’d be hard pushed to find a more reliable or cost-effective plumber in London.

Blocked Drains – A Recurring Problem

October 7th, 2009

One drawback of running a busy and successful city centre catering business, such as a restaurant, is that the busier you are, the more likely you are to suffer from problems involving blocked drains. The more food waste that is accidentally consigned to the sewers, the greater your risk of a hefty bill from emergency plumbers.

The most common problems arise from fat or grease being allowed to drain from the sink or dishwasher. As the organic waste runs through the pipes it cools and solidifies. The solid deposits make the pipes narrower and lead to, at best, an ineffective drainage system. Far more of a worry, though, is the potential for blocked drains causing flooding.

Although the problem is, to an extent inevitable, you can still take steps to avoid having to contact the emergency plumbers too often. Dishwashing procedures can be carefully monitored to ensure the minimum risk. Use drain strainers to trap large waste particles before they get into the pipe work or use the chemicals available to clean drains and slow the build up of waste organic matter.

When the inevitable blockage occurs, you need to be sure you can call on the services of one of the most-reliable and experienced emergency plumbers in London. At IQ Plumbing Services we have the skills and equipment to ensure your drainage problems are cleared quickly and efficiently, We also offer contract services, with expert engineers on call 24-hours a day to make sure blocked drains never interrupt the running of your business.

Flooding In London – anywhere, anytime

October 5th, 2009

Flooding is a potentially devastating problem that can affect home or business owners at any time. Flooding following prolonged periods of heavy rain can be a risk anywhere, even in those areas of London that appear to be a safe distance from the main waterways.

The sewage system is particularly susceptible too, and blocked drains can be a city-wide problem when flood waters rise. If your property or livelihood is at risk from the havoc caused by floods, you need to be sure you have access to reliable, professional and experienced emergency plumbers when you need it.

If flooding affects your home it’s important you put the safety of yourself and your loved ones first. You should act quickly to move you and your family to a safe location. If you have time, switch off gas, electricity and water supplies. Remember never to touch electrical items affected by the flood water. If you can, collect some essential items and take them somewhere out of reach of the water. If the emergency services are in attendance you should co-operate with them and follow their advice.

In the event of flooding, at IQ Plumbing Services, we are an emergency drainage company that can provide the services, skills and equipment to clear flood water from your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our expert engineers and emergency plumbers in London are on-call 24-hours a day and can install pumps in your property to clear the water from the affected areas.

Acting in good time to remove the water will help minimize the damage caused by flooding. The help of reliable, experienced emergency plumbers will enable you to start preparing to re-open your home or business.

Take the hassle out of blocked drains

September 30th, 2009

Blocked drains are the bane of many a homeowner’s existence. They are a true inconvenience and they cause havoc in the home. Whenever you hear that telltale gurgling and see the beginnings of toilet bowel water pushing up, give us a call.

We will be there in no time to sort the problem out and leave you with a healthy drainage system. You can rely on us, our quality service and our reasonable pricing to keep your blocked drains healthy and functioning well.

Live a little

The last thing you need to come home to on a Friday evening is one or more blocked drains around the home. This puts a damper on all your weekend plans and heaven forbid if you have guests over. What you need is a fast, reliable plumbing service that will make short work of any blocked drains. Blocked drains are no laughing matter; they bring your life to a halt and make things difficult to function.

If your drainage systems are all interconnected, you cannot use anything. Not toilets, not basins nor sinks, no showering or bathing; a weekend of that is sure to drive anyone nuts. We will take care of any blocked drains; we make use of the latest technology and best methods of unblocking drains.

Come to us for service that you can trust, service that you do not have to wait for and service that you can afford. Come to us for simply the best service that money can buy when it comes to blocked drains.

How best to avoid blocked drains

September 25th, 2009

In most cases, blocked drains are not an overnight thing as they may have been building over a long period. Thus it is important to make sure that you look at some of the signs which show that there is something that is going wrong on the drainage system and if necessary a corrective measure has to be taken.

As an emergency drainage company, IQ Plumbers would advise you to take the precautionary measure to avoid an emergency.

It is usually the case that a slow running bathtub’s drain points run to a partially clogged drainpipe that requires prompt clearing to prevent complete closure of pipe indicating a plumbing emergency. This is one way of avoiding further damage or to highlight that you should call emergency plumbers before it gets worse.

Dos and don’ts for clearing drains

While it is advisable for you to try and fix the blocked drain, it is important that there are things which you do or which you do not have to do. One thing that should never be done is to throw some chemicals into the system as a way of clearing the drain as it would boomerang if the water flows into the house.

Use of chemicals may also have a disastrous effect on those who may be attending to the blocked drain. After all this may disturb the environment. It also important to have some strainers in the drainage system as these would catch the debris which would reduce the chances of a blocked drain.