What you need to know about drains!

September 21st, 2009

You do not need to be a plumber to know the importance of properly running drains, because an encounter with one that is not working properly is usually enough to make you take the necessary precautions. As an emergency drainage company, we at IQ Plumbers are very much alive to the need to have properly run drains to make sure that there is no discomfort as a result on poorly working drains.

It is often the case that you may choose to ignore acknowledging the importance of drains as it is not often that you see them as they are always buried underground.

It is noteworthy also to mention that blocked drains are not always a result of the age of the system or the result of a system overload as some of the causes can be attributed to how you are getting rid of the waste especially from the kitchen there are times when this is a result of how you are disposing off your waste.

Blocked drains are incredibly inconvenient

Whether we like it or not, blocked drains are common and very inconvenient – always occurring at the worst possible times . What we need to do is to make sure that they do not happen often and also to make sure that in the event that they occur, they cause the minimum amount of damage possible.

It is a fact that in many cases a drainage system can be found wanting. This may be a result of the age of the system, build up of waste, ground movement, leakage, tree root infiltration and corrosion.

Understanding what causes blocked drains

September 19th, 2009

Blocked drains are a reality for most of us at some time or another and they result in dirty water or sewerage backing up in the system. While they may be a reality, it is important to make sure that you know how to minimise the frequency of blocked drains on your property.

As a  leading emergency plumbers in London, IQ Plumbers also gives advise to clients and the general public to make sure that there is very little inconvenience at any time of the year. Our advise would make sure that the yard, floors and rooms are dry come rain or lightning.

Causes of blocked drains can be traced to the kitchen

When you trace the causes of blocked drains, then it would be interesting to note that many pointers would direct you to the door steps of your kitchen. This is the busiest room of many households and it is understandable that most of the waste would also emanate from there.

As emergency plumbers, at IQ Plumbers we have noticed that in most cases, blocked drains are caused by fat, oil and grease. These substances are disposed of down the drain and not into the rubbish bin which should be their destination.

Their going into sinks and drains may not be intentional as these substances may seep though the plug hole as a liquid when still very hot but would then transform into their solid state after cooling.

If this continues piling up, then the result is usually a blocked drain and the disturbance it therefore brings.  It is thus important that you limit the amount of fat that goes into the sink.  Once your blocked drainage issues have been resolved, a reliable emergency drainage company like IQ Plumbers, can best advise you on how to stop the problem from happening again.

Finding a plumber in London

September 18th, 2009

When you are shopping around for emergency plumbers in London, you may find yourself confronted with a wide selection to choose from. While choice is a good thing, it can also be confusing and even a little overwhelming. What you need is to know exactly how to pick a plumber in London.

The internet is your best resource for finding a plumber. If a company does not have a website, they are probably not interested in their customers. A website offers you a wide range of information about emergency plumbers and plumbing companies. You can find anything from reviews to contact details and even prices on a website.

Internet research

It is not a great idea to wait till you have an emergency or a big plumbing problem to find a good plumber in London. You need to do that type of shopping before you need them and keep their contact details close at hand for when you need it. You need to choose a reliable plumbing service like ours.

You know that you can trust us to pitch up on time and when you need us. You also know that our prices are competitive and reasonable for the services we provide. One thing to look for in a plumbing service is a good reputation.

You can find this by searching for reviews and information about a specific plumber in London on the internet. People are often quick to complain about bad service and the reviews won’t be hard to find for both good and bad service. Only opt for the best emergency plumbers in London in order to get the best service.

Why you need to treat blocked drainage as an emergency?

September 15th, 2009

Apart from the discomfort that comes with a blocked drainage system, it is also important to make sure that it is treated as an emergency. It is important that you seek the assistance of an emergency plumber as soon as you see signs of a blockage because it is a health and safety issue.

As leading emergency plumbers in the country, we at IQ Plumbers advise the general public to take certain precautions so as to minimize the effects of drainage blockages.

What is resident in drainage systems?

The whole idea of having a drainage system is to make sure that household or commercial waste is disposed of properly and effectively. As such, the water in the drainage system is usually dirty thus would pose a health problem to the household or to the commercial site were it not to be dealt with properly.

It is also important to note that because the water is dirty and has probably been resident in the system for quite some time, it means that there could be the presence of harmful organisms which can pose a threat to health.
It is thus important to make sure that each time there is a sign that the water is flowing back onto the property as a result of blocked drains, then you call an emergency drainage company. This is one way of making sure that the damage is minimized so that there is no damage to the residents on the property.

Proper drainage gives you peace of mind

September 10th, 2009

Imagine this, you wake up one morning to a flooded house or room because the drainage in your property is blocked and has stopped working. Many of us would shudder at the thought of the flooded bathroom, kitchen or garage but these are some of the realities we have to face some times.

It is thus vital to make sure that one knows where to get hold of a reliable emergency drainage company who would rescue you in the event of a mishap. At IQ Plumbers, we have a fast, professional and reliable service to make sure that you are covered in the event of a mishap. IQ Plumbers cover different parts.

How to prevent drainage blockages

The adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ also works with how you may be maintaining the drainage system on your property.

As such, it is also important that you get to know what causes blocked drains in the first place. In most cases, one of the most recurring causes of blocked drainage is a build up of domestic or commercial waste.

It is also important to make sure than you also avoid such small things as hairs, pieces of broken soap or food waste into the drainage system. A build up of such small things would block the system in the long run. It is also advisable to flush your system with hot water. By bringing in the professionals to regularly service your drainage system, you can minimise the chances of any problems, now or in the future.

How to clear blocked drains

September 7th, 2009

There are a number of methods which you may adopt if you want to clear a blocked drain. While there are some domestic methods you may adopt, these may not be as thorough as contracting an emergency drainage company such as IQ Plumbers in London.

At IQ Plumbers, we have a very professional service we have on offer and this will give you satisfaction as well as peace of the mind. As leading plumbers in London, we have a lot of experience working in the city and the surrounding areas.

What are some of the drain clearing methods

There are many ways you can use if you want to clear a blocked drain and these stretch from the professional to the domestic. It is usually the case that if you consult an emergency plumber, then he or she would be able to give you exactly what has to be done.

Some of the techniques which are being used now are so advanced that one would not have thought of them a few years back. One such method is the use of closed circuit television survey to take a deep look at the drain and see where the problem lies.

This then means that the solution is based on what would have been seen and not an assumption. Another method that is used is high pressure water jetting which forces the waste down the drain until it is cleared. Finally there is the core lining which is very popular with drainage companies as it offers a long term solution.

Time to call in professional emergency help

September 4th, 2009

When a plumbing emergency happens, it is too late to start pointing out that you should or could have done this or that or the other. The word emergency says it all; it is a situation that must be dealt with and dealt with immediately. The UK is an old country and this means that homes and buildings are often extremely dilapidated.

So it stands to reason that drainage and piping systems that have been in place a long time often break down. Burst pipes, frozen pipes and blocked up drains are unfortunately something most of us face some time or other.

Most people don’t know what to do when faced with a burst pipe and when water spews everywhere, panic easily sets in. We are emergency plumbers in London and calling us immediately is what must be done.

While you wait

The faster we can get to you, the quicker the problem can be fixed. We have a 24-hour per day call out service, with no call-out charge. We fully know the damage that a plumbing emergency can do to any home, so our response time is fast as emergency plumbers in London.

After you have placed as call to us, there is much you can do for damage control while you wait for us to arrive. Whether you have a burst pipe or a frozen pipe, the first thing to do is turn off the water immediately. Once the water has been turned off, open all the COLD WATER taps; never open the hot water taps, only the cold water ones. This helps greatly to minimize the damage and makes clearing up afterward much easier.

Emergency plumbing company – Landlord’s Best Friend

September 2nd, 2009

Every property owner deserves a peace of the mind and one way of doing so is to make sure that they have emergency plumbers who are always ready to come to their assistance each time they have blocked drains.

It is usually the case that drains would block once in their life time thus a friendship with an emergency drainage company is imperative. At IQ Plumbers, we are the leading emergency plumbers in London and surrounding areas and we offer a fast, professional and reliable service. If you are looking for London plumbers, then you do not have to look further than our website or offices for a satisfying service.

Contracting professional emergency drainage companies

Whereas there are a number of solutions which are at the disposable of the property owner when it comes to clearing blocked drains, it has to be highlighted that the use of a professional service brings long lasting results.

It is important to note that when looking at how to clear a blocked drain, one does not have to look at the cost only as there are other factors which also have to be put under consideration.

It is thus important to start the process by consulting an emergency drainage company such as IQ Plumbers which boasts of a very professional approach. As professionals, IQ Plumbers do not just poke the system to make sure that the drain clears. They also look at the system and see where it has gone wrong and then take the necessary steps to clear it.

Contact IQ for London plumbers near you

August 31st, 2009

Good London emergency plumbers are a breed that we would all like to cross paths with as often as we need them, but it just does not seem to be the case. These days just about everyone you know can tell you a story about a job done by bad London plumbers that ended up costing them time and money when all the work had to be re-done.

We, at IQ Plumbing Services would like to be able to play a part in changing perceptions and creating a new image of London emergency plumbers.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider IQ Plumbing Services and how we will change that perception:

Customer relationship – We like to build long standing relationships with our customers. We will always respect you and hope to get the same respect in return for our great customer service and professional work.
Reliable– by being reliable London emergency plumbers we will not only give you top quality service and do our work with pride, but will also be available at any time an emergency strikes.

Professional – Our plumbers in London are all qualified and well trained and will give you excellent and professional customer service.
Experience – Our experienced London emergency plumbers will ensure that the best solution is found for your problem. Their experience will also come in handy in your particular situation is a tricky one and a unique solution needs to be found.

Skill – When using one of our London emergency plumbers you have the assurance they are all highly skilled, trained and qualified. This will help to make sure that no time or money is wasted in getting you problem fixed in the quickest possible way.

How to fix your blocked drains

August 26th, 2009

Blocked drains can be caused by a variety of reasons such as a build up of waste, ground movement, leakage, tree root infiltration and corrosion of your plumbing system. It is also quite often from objects being flushed into the system that should not go there as the pipes and water pressures are designed and installed in such a way to handle mostly liquids.

There are many ways of fixing blocked drains, including a number of Do It Yourself remedies. You could use a plunger and hot water, stick some wire into the pipes and see if you can remove the build up and some far fetched remedies like the one that suggests breaking effervescent tablets into small pieces and flushing it into the pipes.

These methods might occasionally work, but it is important to know that they are more than likely just short term solutions. Blocked drains, unless blocked by a specific item like a kids toy or a piece of clothing, is problems that build up over a period of time. If the necessary care is not taken when fixing it, it could cause even more problems.

Flushing some solvents down to try clean your blocked drains could even damage the pipes seriously, leaving you with a massive and expensive job of fixing the pipes.

Contacting a professional service like IQ Plumbing Services will provide you with long term solutions, and we are emergency plumbers too so you can contact us 24 hours a day. We use the most modern methods of searching, locating and fixing leaks, damages, build ups and blockages such as CCTV surveys and high pressure water jets to get rid and help prevent any future blocked drains.