Always Keep Your Water Pipes Lagged

February 2nd, 2010

Emergency plumbers in London are being kept busy particularly in the winter months not just from blocked drains and frozen pipes but also from flooding which has started to affect various places in the UK.

Whilst it is has proven difficult to prevent flooding in certain areas of the country it is far easier to protect your household pipes from freezing up.

One of the most efficient ways of preventing bursting and frozen pipes in your home is by lagging your pipes both inside and outside of your home. Many people will remember to lag their pipes outside their property, however, often forget to protect the pipes in their loft.

Even with the insulation in your loft it can be just as cold in this area as it is outside and therefore, your pipes are very susceptible to freezing and bursting just as much as they are outside.

If you get a burst pipe it can mean hefty repair bills and a fast call to emergency plumbers it is also very dangerous. Most home owners will not notice a burst pipe until they hear the sounds of dripping water and it can cause your fuses to blow.

Not only does a burst pipe in your London property mean a call-out to emergency plumbers in London, but it can also cause serious electrical accidents and in some cases serious injury to the occupiers.

At IQ Plumbing Services we have professional trained emergency plumbers who can deal with any type of plumbing problem quickly and efficiently.

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