Tips On Water Efficiency In The Home

February 24th, 2010

We are all responsible for conserving our use of water in our homes and apart from anything else, it is going to protect our environment and save plenty of money.

On average a normal family household uses around 160 litres of water each day for drinking, and every day in the home for cooking, drinking and washing and other important tasks.

Good emergency London plumbers will suggest that a household simply has to make a few changes to their daily routine and it is possible to make and see a big difference to the amount of water that can be saved each day.

You may be surprised to know that emergency plumbing services suggest that a simple 5 minute shower in the morning will use a third of the water required for a bath.

Showers tend only to use 35 litres of water within an  average 5 minute shower, whereas a bath will use upon average a further 80 litres.

Our emergency plumbers in London also suggest that when purchasing any type of appliance for the home that uses water it is always advisable to choose one that is efficient with water and other household sources such as electricity.

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History of the British Drainage System

January 29th, 2010

Interestingly enough, if engineers from the Victorian era had not possessed creative and exceptional engineering skills then our drainage system today would be much worse than it actually is.

Of course, we all still suffer with blocked drains and a range of drainage problems, however, things could have been a lot worse than they are today.

Joseph Bazalgette was a chief engineer at the London Metropolitan Board of Works in the 19th century. Following his time as a railway engineer in the Royal Navy, Joseph gained a huge amount of experience in land drainage over his career.

Due to the constant cholera outbreaks which happened during the mid 19th century,
London’s Metropolitan Board began improving the London sewers. By 1866, a complete London sewer network has been designed and installed by Joseph that covered the majority of the city of London.

Joseph’s drainage design meant that waste water which came from old sewers and underground rivers was diverted to the Thames embankment treatment works.

He then began training other engineers in the United Kingdom who then were able to update each drainage system which existed under the surface of their British towns in similar ways.

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Emergency Plumbers in London Are Vital

January 18th, 2010

There are many emergency plumbers in London who are asked to attend a call out because water has overflowed either into or around a property due to old burst water pipes or sometimes because of blocked drains.

Blocked drains and burst water pipes are both things that can be avoided and it is often cheaper to deal with the procedures to ensure that this won’t happen rather than wait for an emergency drainage company to arrive on the scene.

• Often emergency plumbers will be called out to mend water pipes at a business or residential place However, if water pipes are checked regularly this can ensure you catch the problem before it actually happens. If you check your pipes for corrosion you can avoid additional expenses occurring at a later date

• Any water pipes which are above ground have to be lagged properly

• The heating in a property should be put on for a small amount of time each day if you envisage the property will be empty for a while. If the heating in a building has been left off for a number of weeks or months then as soon as it is switched on a water pipe can suddenly burst with the change of temperature

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