The Despair Of A Leaking Water Pipe

February 11th, 2010

Most emergency plumbing repairs needed are commonly situated around the fixtures of sinks and toilets, and there are many occassions when the leaks themselves are simply due to corroded water pipes.

There are certain temperature-related qualities that you would benefit from knowing about your water pipes, including their tendency to expand and contract during extreme temperature changes and the ability to sweat in heat and completely stiffen in freezing weather.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures cause problems and hence it is often the job of emergency plumbers in London to see to many plumbing emergencies directly associated with water pipes bursting and leaking during these times.

It is advisable that you don’t leave any building without heating for more than a few days because as soon as you return and switch the heating back on, it is common for pipes to burst. However, in such a case there on emergency London plumbers on hand.

If your water leak seems to have appeared from a joint and you have already located the problem, if it is simply the cause of a joint that needs tightening it is possible to simply tighten the joint with a spanner.

It is only when the leak is fast and relentless that you should seek the immediate services of emergency plumbers in London after you have shut off your water valve to prevent further flood damage.

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History of the British Drainage System

January 29th, 2010

Interestingly enough, if engineers from the Victorian era had not possessed creative and exceptional engineering skills then our drainage system today would be much worse than it actually is.

Of course, we all still suffer with blocked drains and a range of drainage problems, however, things could have been a lot worse than they are today.

Joseph Bazalgette was a chief engineer at the London Metropolitan Board of Works in the 19th century. Following his time as a railway engineer in the Royal Navy, Joseph gained a huge amount of experience in land drainage over his career.

Due to the constant cholera outbreaks which happened during the mid 19th century,
London’s Metropolitan Board began improving the London sewers. By 1866, a complete London sewer network has been designed and installed by Joseph that covered the majority of the city of London.

Joseph’s drainage design meant that waste water which came from old sewers and underground rivers was diverted to the Thames embankment treatment works.

He then began training other engineers in the United Kingdom who then were able to update each drainage system which existed under the surface of their British towns in similar ways.

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When You Really Need an Emergency Drainage Company

January 23rd, 2010

Often when an emergency drainage company is called out to clear blocked drains, it is normally the case that congealed bathroom or kitchen waste needs to be flushed out because it has accumulated in the drain. If your drain is completely blocked it and you continue to run water it will come back through your piping and flood your home.

There are other times when blocked drains are caused by far more complex problems and what you should never try to do is to force the blockage through the pipe manually- should you attempt this it could cause your drain to collapse.

Some of the most common problems dealt with by emergency plumbers in London include:

• Fractured piping – a structural defect which is often caused by pressure from either building work or flooding above ground. Cracks covering the drain will seep water that will destabilise any surrounding ground. This problem needs urgent attention because it will cause subsidence and eventually completely collapse

• Collapsed drains – there are many things that will cause this which range from contractors mistakenly drilling into a pipe, dangerous flooding and increased traffic passing over the road above

If you can avoid any of these plumbing problems, do so. It is better to take preventative action rather than wait for an emergency situation to develop.

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