A Gas Plumber Is Different To A Traditional Plumber

February 25th, 2010

A plumber in London, who is specialised in his line of business to the highest plumbing qualification, should be able to deal with any type of domestic plumbing work.

This includes repairing water pipes and the piping that is responsible for supplying and removing fresh water, waste water and sewage.

The type of emergency London plumbers that will work on pipes that carry gas has to have obtained a different type of educational qualification that allows them to work with the sometimes dangerous supply of gas to a home.  A plumber in London who works with gas and boilers now has to be, by law, a gas registered plumber, i.e. Gas Safe.

A plumber in London who is not Gas Safe registered will only be able to carry out work on any other non-related gas piping, such as the mending and installation of a toilet and other bathroom fittings, kitchen pipes and others.

Often plumbers are called to solve plumbing problems which have been located because of water either pouring or dripping into a customers’ home through the ceiling and this is when emergency plumbers are needed quickly.  In such a case, you should know where your water stop valve is so you can stop the water till the plumber arrives.

As experts in emergency plumbing repairs and with 12 years of experience under our belts, we at IQ Plumbing Service believe we have one of the most qualified team of plumbers in London who are able to get to any corner of our large city in record breaking speed.

Tips On Water Efficiency In The Home

February 24th, 2010

We are all responsible for conserving our use of water in our homes and apart from anything else, it is going to protect our environment and save plenty of money.

On average a normal family household uses around 160 litres of water each day for drinking, and every day in the home for cooking, drinking and washing and other important tasks.

Good emergency London plumbers will suggest that a household simply has to make a few changes to their daily routine and it is possible to make and see a big difference to the amount of water that can be saved each day.

You may be surprised to know that emergency plumbing services suggest that a simple 5 minute shower in the morning will use a third of the water required for a bath.

Showers tend only to use 35 litres of water within an  average 5 minute shower, whereas a bath will use upon average a further 80 litres.

Our emergency plumbers in London also suggest that when purchasing any type of appliance for the home that uses water it is always advisable to choose one that is efficient with water and other household sources such as electricity.

As we have been the experts at IQ Plumbing Services for over 12 years, our huge task force of emergency plumbers in London are able to deal with any type of plumbing job, large or small in the most rapid response times possible.

Contact IQ for London plumbers near you

August 31st, 2009

Good London emergency plumbers are a breed that we would all like to cross paths with as often as we need them, but it just does not seem to be the case. These days just about everyone you know can tell you a story about a job done by bad London plumbers that ended up costing them time and money when all the work had to be re-done.

We, at IQ Plumbing Services would like to be able to play a part in changing perceptions and creating a new image of London emergency plumbers.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider IQ Plumbing Services and how we will change that perception:

Customer relationship – We like to build long standing relationships with our customers. We will always respect you and hope to get the same respect in return for our great customer service and professional work.
Reliable– by being reliable London emergency plumbers we will not only give you top quality service and do our work with pride, but will also be available at any time an emergency strikes.

Professional – Our plumbers in London are all qualified and well trained and will give you excellent and professional customer service.
Experience – Our experienced London emergency plumbers will ensure that the best solution is found for your problem. Their experience will also come in handy in your particular situation is a tricky one and a unique solution needs to be found.

Skill – When using one of our London emergency plumbers you have the assurance they are all highly skilled, trained and qualified. This will help to make sure that no time or money is wasted in getting you problem fixed in the quickest possible way.