Tips To Avoid Blocked Drains

February 23rd, 2010

There are all sorts of reasons that emergency plumbers are called to sort out problems and many of these issues are from the build up of blocked drains.

Here are a few tips to avoid blocked drains:

–    Avoid any gradual build up of lime and grease and any other thick or greasy substances that could block plugs or sinks or drains.  Use domestic substances to clear them out regularly.

–    Move any objects that fall over or grow into your household pipes.  It is common for large trees situated close to the home to spread their roots out from the ground to quite unexpected places and to places you may have felt were possible to get to.  Foreign objects such as tree roots can grow inside water pipes and cause them over time to crack and leak into the outside soil.

–    Even small things, such as making sure your outside drains are not full of dead leaves or rubbish waste will mean that you have less chance of experiencing blocked drains.

–    Blocked drains will always be avoided if such items as nappies, kitchen roll, sanitary towels and other thick materials as these are kept away.  These are not supposed to be let inside drains because they cause blocked drains to clog up and overflow.

As one of the longest trading group of emergency plumbers in London, at IQ Plumbing we are known to be experts with the fastest time possible to be on-site immediately for a plumbing emergency, such as drain unblocking.

The High Expectations Of Emergency Plumbers In London

February 16th, 2010

No one, if they have no training in plumbing, should tackle a large plumbing disaster alone; this is not to save money but is to avoid the expense of further more expensive forms of damage and a much bigger problem.

Emergency plumbers, you should be in no doubt, come with the highest training possible to deal with any aspect of plumbing problem from clearing blocked drains (some of which are caused underground) to water pipes bursting and other issues.

It is not only expertise that is required to quickly deal with an emergency plumbing disaster; it is also having use of specialised plumbing equipment to provide the necessary assistance needed to ensure a plumbing disaster is dealt with in the best way.

Emergency plumbers are legally required to have at least passed the minimum qualification of the City and Guilds NVQ level 2.

A qualified plumber in London who has the bare qualifications indicated is legally able to provide the public service of maintaining and installing sanitary products and the full installation of copper pipe work on a domestic level.

Emergency plumbers will also have to have obtained a special certificate – ‘Water Supply Regulations 1999’, which will legally allow them to work on the UK’s plumbing system. Any emergency plumbers that hold this special certificate also have registered with the local authority.

We at IQ Plumbing Services are an emergency drainage company that provides one of the speediest responses across London in the provision of highly trained emergency London plumbers who are able to efficiently fix any emergency plumbing issue.

Flooding Issues Make Emergency Plumbers In London Scarce

February 9th, 2010

November and December 2009 saw major areas in the South East of the UK completely under water from flooding with homes, businesses and properties seriously flood damaged and some beyond repair.

Due to the extreme weather conditions and aging subterranean drainage system in the south east of the country the demand for emergency plumbers in London hit new heights. Once again as the winter months drew in so did the flooding in this part of England, resembling a similar situation to that which occurred in 2008.

Emergency plumbing issues were still occurring throughout London (as they would do normally), however, emergency plumbers in London were scarce because of their relocation to aid flooding matters in SE England.

No matter what is happening in the country when you require emergency plumbing services you still need to be able to call upon professional help as soon as possible because your own situation is just going to get worse.

For instance if you are experiencing flooding in your own home from blocked drains it is often an issue that you cannot fix yourself and may require the location of any blockage in water piping deep underground through the use of a CCTV camera.

For reliable emergency plumbers in London at any time of the year we at IQ Plumbing Services provide a fast and efficient plumbing service which includes fixing burst water pipes, drain unblocking and most other plumbing issues.

We have a large team of plumbing experts who are fully trained to deal with all emergency plumbing situations quickly.

The Importance Of Highly Trained, Emergency Plumbers In London

February 2nd, 2010

We all know that London is one of if not the busiest city in the UK with the highest volumes of traffic, the most publicly run transport services and the highest concentration of inhabitants than in any other city.

It goes without saying that the importance of a large number of professional services in a city with demands as high as London’s is essential and when the services provided are to cover emergency situations there is a greater need for highly trained experts to respond at speed.

One such service is emergency plumbers in London, the trained professionals who need to be with you as soon as possible after your initial call because many plumbing disasters associated with flooding in particuar will cause great damage to a property if it is left for any length of time.

It is common for emergency plumbers in London to attend call outs in relation to blocked drains and burst water pipes and the level of service a customer should expect from this type of company should be high.

Emergency London plumbers are available for any plumbing problems that may occur whether it is at a private residence or a business address.

Finding the experts in emergency plumbing services in London is to find us at IQ Plumbing Services. With a long trading history of successfully fixing plumbing emergencies quickly and professionally, we are reliable and trusted by many. We are counted on by many people who continue to use us as their dependable company.

Necessary Qualifications for Emergency Plumbers in London

January 22nd, 2010

When someone attempts for the first time to tackle a plumbing job themselves, they begin to realise how difficult it can be and why plumbing is considered to be a highly skilled job.

In recent years the technological advance in plumbing tools, equipment and systems including training courses has meant that it is necessary to pay attention to all aspects of the plumbing trade.

At the very least, emergency plumbers in London (and any other type of plumber) are required to have a minimum qualification of a City and Guilds NVQ level 2.

Emergency plumbers in London who hold a City and Guilds qualification are at a standard where they are considered council accredited professionals. A plumber who has taken a City and Guilds exam will be qualified in:

• Installation of domestic copper pipe work

• Maintenance and sanitary installation

To be considered legal to work on the UK, water supply plumbers need to have obtained the ‘Water Supply Regulations 1999’ certificate which also sees those who have obtained this certificate also registered with their local authority.

Plumbers will also need to have been trained in ‘Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems’ to legally enable them to work on high pressured systems that do not have a storage tank.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have a long trading history and are able to provide the most highly trained emergency plumbers in London who are able to tackle any type of plumbing problem with considerable speed and unparalleled efficiency. Our emergency plumbers in London have the certificates, but they also possess the necessary experience.

Emergency Plumbers Often Called to Older Properties

January 19th, 2010

If you have a normal plumber in London who caters for your general plumbing work including boiler health checks he or she won’t necessarily be able to respond to emergency situations. Using the services of a company that can provide emergency plumbers is essential when you have an immediate problem that if left will cost much more money to fix in the long run.

Most of the time when you are in a situation where you have pressing plumbing issues such as blocked drains, leaking and burst pipes and so on you will find it difficult to get hold of emergency plumbers in London.

Blocked drains are a common problem, but when the blockage is deep inside your piping it can mean that you need to call in the experts because it will be impossible for you to reach without professional tools and experience.

To keep your emergency plumbing problems to a minimum particularly if you have an older property it is advised that you regularly check your water pipes for rust and other wear and tear. When water pipes are old they will become brittle and can suddenly burst with temperature fluctuations caused by the contrast of freezing conditions in winter months and sudden heat rushing through piping if you have left your boiler off for too long.

Often it will be emergency plumbers who are more regularly called to old properties rather than new builds.

When you need emergency plumbers in London we are the professionals at IQ Plumbing Services and always provide a fast and affordable response.

Serious banging in old pipes

December 30th, 2009

It’s time to call the emergency plumbers if the pipes in your old house start making a racket. Not only is it noisy and upsetting, but it can point to serious underlying problems, too.

The first thing emergency plumbers in London will do if called to your home is check the pipes to see if they can trace the noise – generally, the pipe has become loose from its housing and is banging against the wall.

In crawl spaces and basements, the pipes are usually suspended by perforated pipe straps from the joists. A long run of pipe may start knocking against the wood, and this can be eliminated by wedging a block of wood in a strategic place. The plumber must be careful to allow enough play for temperature expansion within the pipe, however.

If the vibration occurs throughout the system, it is an indication that the water pressure is too high – this must be reduced or, eventually, the pipes will spring a leak. Similarly, if you only get knocking when the hot water is switched on, it is a sign the thermostat is set too high, as the noise is simply steam in the system.

These are all fairly easy problems to rectify, but if the knocking continues then this indicates that the system has developed water hammer. Emergency plumbers in London often get call-outs for this because of the age of the houses – it is rare in newer properties.

We at IQ Plumbing Services know how distressing and potentially damaging water hammer can be in old pipes, and always recommend that you call us if you suspect that this problem is occuring in your home.

Troubleshooting banging pipes

December 28th, 2009

One of the most distressing reasons for householders calling out emergency plumbers in London is for banging or knocking pipes. Quite often, the call-out is from someone who has just moved from a modern property into an older one.

When a plumber in London hears a description of the noise, their immediate reply is, “Ah, yes, that’s water hammer.” However, water hammer is a generic term for several ailments, most of which are caused by the pipes striking against something when the water is running.

The first thing that emergency plumbers in London will want to know is, where is the noise coming from? It’s a much quicker job if the householder has located the fault, but if they haven’t then the plumber will needs to turn on the taps and start looking for movement in the pipes. It may be as simple as putting something behind the pipe to stop it banging against the wall. If the sound is located between the walls, there are still simple things that can be done. Foam insulation or padding, placed where the pipe emerges from the wall each end, can often prevent the knocking.

It is vital that you call emergency plumbers to London properties experiencing banging pipes so that the exact cause can be located and fixed. Left unattended, that annoying banging can become a serious leak.

As emergency plumbers that have worked in a wide variety of London homes, we at IQ Plumbing Services are experienced in all manner of plumbing disputes and are more than just likely able to rectify any problems that you are experiencing.

Caring for your Plumbing Fittings

December 24th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services operate as emergency plumbers for a variety of tasks, from collapsed drains to leaking tap washers. A leaking washer can become a high powered jet if left unattended – more than one of our emergency plumbers has been called to a serious flood which started as a tedious leaky tap.

Plumbing fittings are the taps and valves of the system. Despite the use they get, they will generally last a lifetime. Any problems are usually down to the washers – but this is not always the simple task that it sounds. Modern fittings come in all shapes and sizes, all of which must be familiar to a plumber. London properties are often fitted with sleek designer faucets that can catch out the unwary.

The best fittings are chrome plated brass, which are easily cleaned with detergent and water. However, there have been cases where corrosion has occurred due to the wrong cleaners being used.

Seized-up, polished brass fittings are another reason for calling out emergency plumbers. London property owners love the period look, which works beautifully in older properties, but abrasive cleaners should never be used.

If your bathroom is very “high tech” and it develops a problem, this needs to be taken into account when calling out an emergency plumber. London is full of plumbers who are unfamiliar with the latest 21st century hardware. Luckily, you can always trust us at IQ Plumbing Services to have full, up-to-date knowledge on all of the latest technological advances.

The importance of routine Plumbing Maintenance

December 9th, 2009

The plumbing system is the most important component of any house and therefore should be regularly maintained, yet it would seem that water pipes are generally ignored until they burst, cause a leak and ultimately result in a panicked call to the emergency plumbers.

London property owners may not even be aware that water leakages are one of the prime reasons for water rates being so high. Perhaps if this knowledge were more widespead, it would encourage more care being taken in general plumbing maintenence.

A house with sound plumbing and drainage demands a much higher sale value than one in which these areas are in poor repair, yet many plumbers in London only recieve calls when the property is about to go on the market.

There are many routine jobs that the home owner can take resposibility of to maintain that plumbing is in optimum condition. When left unattended, they lead to calls for emergency plumbers. London has numerous DIY stores and home plumbing outlets, so it is easier than people assume to take care of your plumbing. While some things are best left to the experts, there are plenty of jobs which are easily tackled with just a few basic tools and a good knowledge.

Clogged drains, dripping taps and leaking flush valves are annoying plumbing defects that are usually ignored unless they suddenly get a lot worse, yet they can waste money and cause failure of other systems such as the boiler if left untreated.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have years of experience when it comes to dealing with emergencies that are often preventable. Our emergency plumbers understand that London property owners don’t have the time to constantly check every pipe and valve, which is why they recommend maintenance contracts and are happy to offer help and advice.