UK Flooding Issues Make Emergency Plumbers in London Scarce

January 27th, 2010

November and December 2009 saw major areas in the South East of the United Kingdom completely under water from flooding with homes, businesses and properties seriously flood damaged and some beyond repair.

Due to the extreme weather conditions and aging subterranean drainage system in the South East of the country the demand for emergency plumbers in London hit new heights. Once again as the winter months drew in so did the flooding in this part of England ,resembling a similar situation to that which occurred in 2008.

Emergency plumbing issues were still occurring throughout London (as they would do normally), however, emergency plumbers in London were scarce because of their relocation to aid flooding matters in the wider English region.

No matter what is happening in the country when you require emergency plumbers you still need to be able to call upon professional help as soon as possible because your own situation is just going to get worse.

For instance,if you are experiencing flooding in your own home from blocked drains it is often an issue that you cannot fix yourself and will require the location of blockages in water piping deep underground through the use of a CCTV camera.

For reliable emergency plumbers in London at any time of the year we at IQ Plumbing Services provide a fast and efficient plumbing service which includes fixing burst water pipes, clearing blocked drains and most other plumbing issues.

We have a large team of plumbing experts who are fully trained to deal with all emergency plumbing situations quickly.

When You Really Need an Emergency Drainage Company

January 23rd, 2010

Often when an emergency drainage company is called out to clear blocked drains, it is normally the case that congealed bathroom or kitchen waste needs to be flushed out because it has accumulated in the drain. If your drain is completely blocked it and you continue to run water it will come back through your piping and flood your home.

There are other times when blocked drains are caused by far more complex problems and what you should never try to do is to force the blockage through the pipe manually- should you attempt this it could cause your drain to collapse.

Some of the most common problems dealt with by emergency plumbers in London include:

• Fractured piping – a structural defect which is often caused by pressure from either building work or flooding above ground. Cracks covering the drain will seep water that will destabilise any surrounding ground. This problem needs urgent attention because it will cause subsidence and eventually completely collapse

• Collapsed drains – there are many things that will cause this which range from contractors mistakenly drilling into a pipe, dangerous flooding and increased traffic passing over the road above

If you can avoid any of these plumbing problems, do so. It is better to take preventative action rather than wait for an emergency situation to develop.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have a large number of emergency plumbers in London who can deal with any plumbing problem and can also carry out routine CCTV checks on drains, to ensure there will be no plumbing emergencies in the future.

Contact IQ for London plumbers near you

August 31st, 2009

Good London emergency plumbers are a breed that we would all like to cross paths with as often as we need them, but it just does not seem to be the case. These days just about everyone you know can tell you a story about a job done by bad London plumbers that ended up costing them time and money when all the work had to be re-done.

We, at IQ Plumbing Services would like to be able to play a part in changing perceptions and creating a new image of London emergency plumbers.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider IQ Plumbing Services and how we will change that perception:

Customer relationship – We like to build long standing relationships with our customers. We will always respect you and hope to get the same respect in return for our great customer service and professional work.
Reliable– by being reliable London emergency plumbers we will not only give you top quality service and do our work with pride, but will also be available at any time an emergency strikes.

Professional – Our plumbers in London are all qualified and well trained and will give you excellent and professional customer service.
Experience – Our experienced London emergency plumbers will ensure that the best solution is found for your problem. Their experience will also come in handy in your particular situation is a tricky one and a unique solution needs to be found.

Skill – When using one of our London emergency plumbers you have the assurance they are all highly skilled, trained and qualified. This will help to make sure that no time or money is wasted in getting you problem fixed in the quickest possible way.

24/7 emergency plumbers

August 18th, 2009

Plumbing or drainage disasters almost always try to catch you off-side. Whether it is late at night, very early in the morning or on a public holiday or a Sunday, it can be extremely inconvenient and tough to find emergency plumbers willing to come out and see to your problem.

When you do find emergency plumbers that are willing to come out and fix your blocked drain, burst pipes or any other kind of plumbing problem, then your are usually stuck with bills for exorbitant call out fees, over-priced labour and even more over priced equipment.

At IQ Plumbing services, we understand that this is already an extremely unwelcome and unexpected emergency and our aim is to give you very competitive prices when you make use of our emergency plumbers.

Just like you, we have heard some horror stories about emergency plumbers coming out to fix a broken pipe, for example, leaving the client with even more problems than before. This leaves the client not only with the task of searching for other more reliable emergency plumbers, but also twice the cost.

We aim to never ever be classified as one of ‘those’ emergency plumbers and our fully qualified emergency plumbers are all highly experienced and trained to give you excellent customer service and attend to your problems within an hour of your call.

By using our quick and efficient emergency plumbers you will be able to keep damage to your property at a minimum and have your problem solved without any unnecessary hassles.

Try our emergency plumbers in London services

August 14th, 2009

IQ Plumbing Services is an established company with over 12 years of trade experience. We offer a unique 24 hour emergency service covering most of London.

We have a fantastic team of engineers that have access to the latest and most advanced drainage and plumbing technology available. If you are looking for emergency plumbers in London, or and emergency drainage company, then look no further than IQ Plumbing Services.

Our rapid response to all emergency calls will provide you with emergency plumbers in London within an hour of your call. Working as emergency plumbers in London and as an emergency drainage company, we are proud to present you with a no call out charge service.

IQ Plumbing Services’ emergency plumbers in London are available around the clock for your convenience. We are also an emergency drainage company who offers a unique 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year emergency service.

We understand that plumbing and drains do not take time into consideration when they fail they will more than likely strike at the most awkward of times.

Our emergency plumbers in London are all highly qualified and will provide you with excellent customer service and highly competitive rates.

If you are looking for an emergency drainage company, or want to invest in more long term and more efficient plumbing and drainage solution, then why not try IQ Plumbing Services. When you need work done you can be rest assured that it will be at the best of our abilities, competitively priced and with no hidden costs.

Give us a try, we cover just about all the postcodes in London.