Basic Plumbing Tips That Could Prevent A Disaster

March 1st, 2010

Emergency plumbers in London should be able to provide a rapid response in order to cater for the urgency of such issues as blocked drains, leaking water pipes and other issues that require immediate attention.

Often it is possible to prevent the need for emergency plumbing services if you ensure that you put certain processes into place such as these:

1.    Always make sure that you know exactly where the stop valve is in your property so you are able to stop the incoming water supply in the event of blocked drains and leaking pipes and avoid flooding from water coming into your home.
2.    Always check that your water pipes don’t need lagging. Water pipes that are older and becoming rusted are more prone to bursting.
3.    It is always best in case of calling out emergency plumbers in London that you are able to directly them quickly to where the outside manhole is should there be a need to clear blocked drains deep under the ground.
4.    Make sure you check your water values every 3 months to watch for corrosion.
5.    In emergency situations it is better for your home to have been fitted with isolation valves that are able to prevent any further damage from occurring by isolating the problem immediately.

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Tips To Avoid Blocked Drains

February 23rd, 2010

There are all sorts of reasons that emergency plumbers are called to sort out problems and many of these issues are from the build up of blocked drains.

Here are a few tips to avoid blocked drains:

–    Avoid any gradual build up of lime and grease and any other thick or greasy substances that could block plugs or sinks or drains.  Use domestic substances to clear them out regularly.

–    Move any objects that fall over or grow into your household pipes.  It is common for large trees situated close to the home to spread their roots out from the ground to quite unexpected places and to places you may have felt were possible to get to.  Foreign objects such as tree roots can grow inside water pipes and cause them over time to crack and leak into the outside soil.

–    Even small things, such as making sure your outside drains are not full of dead leaves or rubbish waste will mean that you have less chance of experiencing blocked drains.

–    Blocked drains will always be avoided if such items as nappies, kitchen roll, sanitary towels and other thick materials as these are kept away.  These are not supposed to be let inside drains because they cause blocked drains to clog up and overflow.

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The Despair Of A Leaking Water Pipe

February 11th, 2010

Most emergency plumbing repairs needed are commonly situated around the fixtures of sinks and toilets, and there are many occassions when the leaks themselves are simply due to corroded water pipes.

There are certain temperature-related qualities that you would benefit from knowing about your water pipes, including their tendency to expand and contract during extreme temperature changes and the ability to sweat in heat and completely stiffen in freezing weather.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures cause problems and hence it is often the job of emergency plumbers in London to see to many plumbing emergencies directly associated with water pipes bursting and leaking during these times.

It is advisable that you don’t leave any building without heating for more than a few days because as soon as you return and switch the heating back on, it is common for pipes to burst. However, in such a case there on emergency London plumbers on hand.

If your water leak seems to have appeared from a joint and you have already located the problem, if it is simply the cause of a joint that needs tightening it is possible to simply tighten the joint with a spanner.

It is only when the leak is fast and relentless that you should seek the immediate services of emergency plumbers in London after you have shut off your water valve to prevent further flood damage.

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Shut Off Water Valves Before Ringing Emergency Plumbers

February 10th, 2010

Emergency plumbing services will be able to advise you that the plumbing system in a home or place of business is always going to be split into two separate sections.   One of these will be in charge of supplying fresh water straight into the building and the other allows waster water to pass out of the building.

In order for the supply of your fresh water to be supplied to your home in such a way that it will reach all necessary areas such as the upstairs bathroom and all other areas required which may be a distance from the point of entry, it will be pressurised.

It is so important that emergency plumbers in London will agree that you should know exactly where your water valve is located in case of an emergency. The location of your water meter will be a good indication of where your water valve will be in most cases it will be fixed nearby.

Whenever you find yourself with a burst water pipe and you need to ring emergency plumbers in London, one of the most important and essential actions you should take before you even pick up the phone is to shut off your water to avoid your home from flooding further and making the situation worse. However, should this action not be undertaken amidst the panic, emergency flood repairs are also available.

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Flooding Issues Make Emergency Plumbers In London Scarce

February 9th, 2010

November and December 2009 saw major areas in the South East of the UK completely under water from flooding with homes, businesses and properties seriously flood damaged and some beyond repair.

Due to the extreme weather conditions and aging subterranean drainage system in the south east of the country the demand for emergency plumbers in London hit new heights. Once again as the winter months drew in so did the flooding in this part of England, resembling a similar situation to that which occurred in 2008.

Emergency plumbing issues were still occurring throughout London (as they would do normally), however, emergency plumbers in London were scarce because of their relocation to aid flooding matters in SE England.

No matter what is happening in the country when you require emergency plumbing services you still need to be able to call upon professional help as soon as possible because your own situation is just going to get worse.

For instance if you are experiencing flooding in your own home from blocked drains it is often an issue that you cannot fix yourself and may require the location of any blockage in water piping deep underground through the use of a CCTV camera.

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Older Properties In London Have A Greater Need For Emergency Plumbers

February 4th, 2010

When people live or work in older properties the property is naturally more inclined to need a plumber in London more often that a building that is relatively new.

Often, because of the age of the drains on an older property, it is common for those who live there to need an emergency drainage company or emergency plumbers in London to fix burst water pipes.

A good plumber in London will advise those who live in or own an older property that is a good idea to reguarly check their water pipes for corrosion and damage.  This is in order to prevent an often expensive need to call upon emergency plumbers to fix what could end up being a larger job if the pipes are left to burst.

Additionally, a good plumber in London will tell you to keep your eye on rust that appears on water pipes.

Since it is common for water pipes to burst if they are subjected to extreme temperature changes, it is common for an already aging or rusted water pipe to burst when subject to these temperature fluctuations.

Burst pipes, however, are not only exclusive to older and more brittle piping it is just more common in these cases.

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The Importance Of Highly Trained, Emergency Plumbers In London

February 2nd, 2010

We all know that London is one of if not the busiest city in the UK with the highest volumes of traffic, the most publicly run transport services and the highest concentration of inhabitants than in any other city.

It goes without saying that the importance of a large number of professional services in a city with demands as high as London’s is essential and when the services provided are to cover emergency situations there is a greater need for highly trained experts to respond at speed.

One such service is emergency plumbers in London, the trained professionals who need to be with you as soon as possible after your initial call because many plumbing disasters associated with flooding in particuar will cause great damage to a property if it is left for any length of time.

It is common for emergency plumbers in London to attend call outs in relation to blocked drains and burst water pipes and the level of service a customer should expect from this type of company should be high.

Emergency London plumbers are available for any plumbing problems that may occur whether it is at a private residence or a business address.

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History of the British Drainage System

January 29th, 2010

Interestingly enough, if engineers from the Victorian era had not possessed creative and exceptional engineering skills then our drainage system today would be much worse than it actually is.

Of course, we all still suffer with blocked drains and a range of drainage problems, however, things could have been a lot worse than they are today.

Joseph Bazalgette was a chief engineer at the London Metropolitan Board of Works in the 19th century. Following his time as a railway engineer in the Royal Navy, Joseph gained a huge amount of experience in land drainage over his career.

Due to the constant cholera outbreaks which happened during the mid 19th century,
London’s Metropolitan Board began improving the London sewers. By 1866, a complete London sewer network has been designed and installed by Joseph that covered the majority of the city of London.

Joseph’s drainage design meant that waste water which came from old sewers and underground rivers was diverted to the Thames embankment treatment works.

He then began training other engineers in the United Kingdom who then were able to update each drainage system which existed under the surface of their British towns in similar ways.

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Check That Your Emergency Drainage Company is Reputable

January 25th, 2010

Should you find yourself in the sudden position of needing emergency plumbers in London, no doubt you will want to be sure that you are dealing with a professional company that you can put your trust in.

Plumbers these days need to be highly qualified in order to provide certain plumbing services and it is acceptable for you to ask them for proof of this.

When you ring emergency plumbers there is normally a charge for call-out and this fee will reflect the time it has taken to deal with the entire plumbing emergency which you have. Should you be charged a high fee from emergency plumbers then it is clear that they are profiteering from your emergency situation and it is sometimes considered to be an unethical business practice.

A reputable business that can provide highly trained emergency plumbers will trade from a registered address; have a company registration number and a land-line telephone number.

Your emergency drainage company should be available to you at all times and if it is a good business it will have a 24 hour hotline for peace of mind in emergency situations.

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Troubleshooting banging pipes

December 28th, 2009

One of the most distressing reasons for householders calling out emergency plumbers in London is for banging or knocking pipes. Quite often, the call-out is from someone who has just moved from a modern property into an older one.

When a plumber in London hears a description of the noise, their immediate reply is, “Ah, yes, that’s water hammer.” However, water hammer is a generic term for several ailments, most of which are caused by the pipes striking against something when the water is running.

The first thing that emergency plumbers in London will want to know is, where is the noise coming from? It’s a much quicker job if the householder has located the fault, but if they haven’t then the plumber will needs to turn on the taps and start looking for movement in the pipes. It may be as simple as putting something behind the pipe to stop it banging against the wall. If the sound is located between the walls, there are still simple things that can be done. Foam insulation or padding, placed where the pipe emerges from the wall each end, can often prevent the knocking.

It is vital that you call emergency plumbers to London properties experiencing banging pipes so that the exact cause can be located and fixed. Left unattended, that annoying banging can become a serious leak.

As emergency plumbers that have worked in a wide variety of London homes, we at IQ Plumbing Services are experienced in all manner of plumbing disputes and are more than just likely able to rectify any problems that you are experiencing.