How Emergency Plumbers clear Blocked Drains

December 21st, 2009

When you call emergency plumbers in London, they will initially want to know how much, if anything, the householder has done already to rectify whatever plumbing issue is in question. They will ask if, for example, you have checked the sink trap in the kitchen. Or, if it’s a toilet blockage, if you have used a plunger or snake auger to try and shift it. Bath tubs are cleared by placing a cloth over the overflow before pumping the drain with a plunger. If this hasn’t worked then the plumber will use cabling to shift the blockage.

We at IQ Plumbing Services are a leading emergency drainage company and know all the tricks of the trade, thus we have various tools at our disposal. The ones used for heavy duty, blocked drains outdoors are different to those used for plumbing maintenence indoors. Heavy steel coils must not be used to clear the traps under bathtubs, sinks or toilets – these need a lighter, more flexible type of wire.

To clear floor drains, the grating is first removed and a hooked wire, auger or spatula used to clear out the debris. If you have called out a plumber to a London home that is 30 years old or less then it is worth checking if there is a removable trap to facilitate cleaning.

After debris is cleared, the plumber will pour hot water and/or a proprietary biodegradable cleaning agent down the drain, and clear the strainer thoroughly. One important tip we at IQ Plumbing Services give to householders is to regularly flush out floor drains that are not often used.

Among this, IQ Plumbing Services can offer advice in regards to blocked drains and other such issues after we have visited your home, in order to prevent you having to experience the inconvenience of such problems occuring again.

What you need to know about drains!

September 21st, 2009

You do not need to be a plumber to know the importance of properly running drains, because an encounter with one that is not working properly is usually enough to make you take the necessary precautions. As an emergency drainage company, we at IQ Plumbers are very much alive to the need to have properly run drains to make sure that there is no discomfort as a result on poorly working drains.

It is often the case that you may choose to ignore acknowledging the importance of drains as it is not often that you see them as they are always buried underground.

It is noteworthy also to mention that blocked drains are not always a result of the age of the system or the result of a system overload as some of the causes can be attributed to how you are getting rid of the waste especially from the kitchen there are times when this is a result of how you are disposing off your waste.

Blocked drains are incredibly inconvenient

Whether we like it or not, blocked drains are common and very inconvenient – always occurring at the worst possible times . What we need to do is to make sure that they do not happen often and also to make sure that in the event that they occur, they cause the minimum amount of damage possible.

It is a fact that in many cases a drainage system can be found wanting. This may be a result of the age of the system, build up of waste, ground movement, leakage, tree root infiltration and corrosion.

Looking for a plumber in London?

August 22nd, 2009

Are you looking for a plumber in London? Are you sick and tired of paying exorbitant fees when you do find a plumber in London to come out at strange times and hours of the day?

Have no Fear. When IQ Plumbing services are near, you can have the assurance that we provide fully qualified engineers to come and take care of your emergency. Finding a reliable and cost effective plumber in London need no longer be a daunting task or the cause of headaches.

Our 24 hour emergency service is there to make sure you have a qualified plumber in London, no matter where you are situated. We cover most of London. If you are not sure if we will be able to send someone to your home or business just browse through all the postcodes that we do cover.

Our services are not limited to emergencies. We also offer contract based services to domestic, business and industrial groups. Using this service will ensure that you get to know the people you work with, and they will also get to know your environment, enabling them to provide you with the best possible solutions.

It will also eliminate having to search for a qualified plumber in London every time you have a problem or emergency. You will know that no matter what the time or problem, you can call IQ Plumbing Services and someone will already know you, your set up and be able to come and quickly fix it without first having to assess your property and what type of equipment they need to do the best job possible.