Check That Your Emergency Drainage Company is Reputable

January 25th, 2010

Should you find yourself in the sudden position of needing emergency plumbers in London, no doubt you will want to be sure that you are dealing with a professional company that you can put your trust in.

Plumbers these days need to be highly qualified in order to provide certain plumbing services and it is acceptable for you to ask them for proof of this.

When you ring emergency plumbers there is normally a charge for call-out and this fee will reflect the time it has taken to deal with the entire plumbing emergency which you have. Should you be charged a high fee from emergency plumbers then it is clear that they are profiteering from your emergency situation and it is sometimes considered to be an unethical business practice.

A reputable business that can provide highly trained emergency plumbers will trade from a registered address; have a company registration number and a land-line telephone number.

Your emergency drainage company should be available to you at all times and if it is a good business it will have a 24 hour hotline for peace of mind in emergency situations.

We are the experts at IQ Plumbing Services and have been trading for over 12 years with huge success. We have a large number of professionally trained emergency plumbers in London which means there is always a qualified emergency plumber available when you need one. Our company has been considered as one of the best quality emergency plumbers in London for over 5 years.

Repairing Water Pipe Leaks

January 21st, 2010

The majority of plumbing problems will occur near fixtures such as toilets and sinks, however, sometimes the water pipes themselves can turn out to be the root of the problem. Water pipes are temperamental objects which are prone to sweating, freezing, leaking and making loud noises.

Whilst there is always a professional emergency drainage company or emergency plumbers on hand to deal with blocked drains or plumbing problems it will also save you time and money if you check whether your leak is coming from a joint first.

If the leak is coming from a joint which you have already located then the obvious thing to do is to tighten that joint – this is easy.

If, however, the leak is located inside a water pipe then the leaking section needs removing and replacing with a new pipe section. This is not always easy to do though particularly in the case of threaded galvanized steel pipes which will tighten at one end of the pipe automatically as you attempt to unscrew a section at the opposite end. Copper piping requires new sections of pipe to be sweat-soldered into place

When it comes to sections of water pipe being replaced it is always a job that is best left to a professional plumber to avoid any huge problems.

Our team of emergency plumbers at IQ Plumbing Services are trained to the highest degree and we can provide a large amount of emergency plumbers in London so there is always one on hand to come to you quickly.

Emergency Plumbers in London Are Vital

January 18th, 2010

There are many emergency plumbers in London who are asked to attend a call out because water has overflowed either into or around a property due to old burst water pipes or sometimes because of blocked drains.

Blocked drains and burst water pipes are both things that can be avoided and it is often cheaper to deal with the procedures to ensure that this won’t happen rather than wait for an emergency drainage company to arrive on the scene.

• Often emergency plumbers will be called out to mend water pipes at a business or residential place However, if water pipes are checked regularly this can ensure you catch the problem before it actually happens. If you check your pipes for corrosion you can avoid additional expenses occurring at a later date

• Any water pipes which are above ground have to be lagged properly

• The heating in a property should be put on for a small amount of time each day if you envisage the property will be empty for a while. If the heating in a building has been left off for a number of weeks or months then as soon as it is switched on a water pipe can suddenly burst with the change of temperature

When you do find you need emergency plumbers in London it is always better to seek the experts and at IQ Plumbing Services we offer a fast and professional service to help with any draining and plumbing problem.

Serious banging in old pipes

December 30th, 2009

It’s time to call the emergency plumbers if the pipes in your old house start making a racket. Not only is it noisy and upsetting, but it can point to serious underlying problems, too.

The first thing emergency plumbers in London will do if called to your home is check the pipes to see if they can trace the noise – generally, the pipe has become loose from its housing and is banging against the wall.

In crawl spaces and basements, the pipes are usually suspended by perforated pipe straps from the joists. A long run of pipe may start knocking against the wood, and this can be eliminated by wedging a block of wood in a strategic place. The plumber must be careful to allow enough play for temperature expansion within the pipe, however.

If the vibration occurs throughout the system, it is an indication that the water pressure is too high – this must be reduced or, eventually, the pipes will spring a leak. Similarly, if you only get knocking when the hot water is switched on, it is a sign the thermostat is set too high, as the noise is simply steam in the system.

These are all fairly easy problems to rectify, but if the knocking continues then this indicates that the system has developed water hammer. Emergency plumbers in London often get call-outs for this because of the age of the houses – it is rare in newer properties.

We at IQ Plumbing Services know how distressing and potentially damaging water hammer can be in old pipes, and always recommend that you call us if you suspect that this problem is occuring in your home.

Troubleshooting banging pipes

December 28th, 2009

One of the most distressing reasons for householders calling out emergency plumbers in London is for banging or knocking pipes. Quite often, the call-out is from someone who has just moved from a modern property into an older one.

When a plumber in London hears a description of the noise, their immediate reply is, “Ah, yes, that’s water hammer.” However, water hammer is a generic term for several ailments, most of which are caused by the pipes striking against something when the water is running.

The first thing that emergency plumbers in London will want to know is, where is the noise coming from? It’s a much quicker job if the householder has located the fault, but if they haven’t then the plumber will needs to turn on the taps and start looking for movement in the pipes. It may be as simple as putting something behind the pipe to stop it banging against the wall. If the sound is located between the walls, there are still simple things that can be done. Foam insulation or padding, placed where the pipe emerges from the wall each end, can often prevent the knocking.

It is vital that you call emergency plumbers to London properties experiencing banging pipes so that the exact cause can be located and fixed. Left unattended, that annoying banging can become a serious leak.

As emergency plumbers that have worked in a wide variety of London homes, we at IQ Plumbing Services are experienced in all manner of plumbing disputes and are more than just likely able to rectify any problems that you are experiencing.

Avoiding Blocked Drains

December 15th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services are a top emergency drainage company operating within the London area. We get more calls about clogged up drains than anything else, yet issues such as this are mostly preventable.

Blocked drains are caused, mainly, by a lack of care. However, this is understandable when considering the busy day-to-day lives of Londoners.

The most used drain in the house runs from the kitchen, and this is the one that is most likely to get clogged. This problem can be lessened by being cautious about what is being emptied into the sink and by keeping the outside drain area clear of debris; simple tasks that can save you the added expense and stress of having to call out an emergency plumber because the most valuable sink in your house isn’t working.

People often ignore slow flowing sinks until they stop working altogether, and this is when emergency plumbers in London are usually called out. Nine times out of ten, the cause is a build up of fatty deposits. Liquid fat is emulsified by hot water and detergent and as water cools, the fat is deposited along the pipes. As time goes on, these deposits build up, trapping other debris along the way. Coffee grounds, especially, cause a concrete-like consistency that makes restoration even more difficult.

There are ways to avoid this: let grease set in the pans after use, then scrape it into the rubbish. Dispose of molten fat in an empty can, then throw it away. Dispose of coffee grounds in the bin, not the sink.

If you do get a blocked sink, a rubber plunger can help clear it. Before calling an emergency plumber, make sure that the blockage isn’t in the sink trap – this is easy to resolve.

We at IQ Plumbing Services have plenty of experience with blocked drains – if you need help with yours, give us a call.

Improve your property value – take care of the Plumbing

December 7th, 2009

We at IQ Plumbing Services have emergency plumbers in London’s most densely populated areas. The houses are often quite old, with plumbing and drainage that wasn’t designed to sustain today’s heavy usage.  It is important that London property owners maintain their plumbing systems so that plumbing disasters, such as blocked drains and leaking pipes, are avoided as much as possible.

However, as plumbing emergencies occur on a regular basis, our emergency drainage company is always kept busy.

The average home plumbing system represents approximately 15% of the total value of the property. When it comes to selling, your buyer will be looking carefully for plumbing mishaps, such as corroded pipes and neglected drainage outlets, when deciding whether or not your property is worth investing in. A badly maintained plumbing system could see the value of your property plummet. If you have slow waste flow, for example, the argument will be that it could be caused by a collapsed drain, and thus the new owner would need to call an emergency drainage company. The estimated cost of this would be deducted from any offer.

But even if you’re not aiming to move, there is no excuse for complacency. Our plumbing systems keep us warm in winter. We use gallons of water every day, from  taking showers to washing our dishes and clothes. A well maintained, fully-functioning plumbing system is essential to our health and well being, yet we conveniently forget that it needs regular maintenance and doesn’t take kindly to being mistreated.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that reliable emergency plumbers in London, such as those at IQ Plumbing Services, are called out so often.

Understanding what causes blocked drains

September 19th, 2009

Blocked drains are a reality for most of us at some time or another and they result in dirty water or sewerage backing up in the system. While they may be a reality, it is important to make sure that you know how to minimise the frequency of blocked drains on your property.

As a  leading emergency plumbers in London, IQ Plumbers also gives advise to clients and the general public to make sure that there is very little inconvenience at any time of the year. Our advise would make sure that the yard, floors and rooms are dry come rain or lightning.

Causes of blocked drains can be traced to the kitchen

When you trace the causes of blocked drains, then it would be interesting to note that many pointers would direct you to the door steps of your kitchen. This is the busiest room of many households and it is understandable that most of the waste would also emanate from there.

As emergency plumbers, at IQ Plumbers we have noticed that in most cases, blocked drains are caused by fat, oil and grease. These substances are disposed of down the drain and not into the rubbish bin which should be their destination.

Their going into sinks and drains may not be intentional as these substances may seep though the plug hole as a liquid when still very hot but would then transform into their solid state after cooling.

If this continues piling up, then the result is usually a blocked drain and the disturbance it therefore brings.  It is thus important that you limit the amount of fat that goes into the sink.  Once your blocked drainage issues have been resolved, a reliable emergency drainage company like IQ Plumbers, can best advise you on how to stop the problem from happening again.

Why you need to treat blocked drainage as an emergency?

September 15th, 2009

Apart from the discomfort that comes with a blocked drainage system, it is also important to make sure that it is treated as an emergency. It is important that you seek the assistance of an emergency plumber as soon as you see signs of a blockage because it is a health and safety issue.

As leading emergency plumbers in the country, we at IQ Plumbers advise the general public to take certain precautions so as to minimize the effects of drainage blockages.

What is resident in drainage systems?

The whole idea of having a drainage system is to make sure that household or commercial waste is disposed of properly and effectively. As such, the water in the drainage system is usually dirty thus would pose a health problem to the household or to the commercial site were it not to be dealt with properly.

It is also important to note that because the water is dirty and has probably been resident in the system for quite some time, it means that there could be the presence of harmful organisms which can pose a threat to health.
It is thus important to make sure that each time there is a sign that the water is flowing back onto the property as a result of blocked drains, then you call an emergency drainage company. This is one way of making sure that the damage is minimized so that there is no damage to the residents on the property.

Emergency plumbing company – Landlord’s Best Friend

September 2nd, 2009

Every property owner deserves a peace of the mind and one way of doing so is to make sure that they have emergency plumbers who are always ready to come to their assistance each time they have blocked drains.

It is usually the case that drains would block once in their life time thus a friendship with an emergency drainage company is imperative. At IQ Plumbers, we are the leading emergency plumbers in London and surrounding areas and we offer a fast, professional and reliable service. If you are looking for London plumbers, then you do not have to look further than our website or offices for a satisfying service.

Contracting professional emergency drainage companies

Whereas there are a number of solutions which are at the disposable of the property owner when it comes to clearing blocked drains, it has to be highlighted that the use of a professional service brings long lasting results.

It is important to note that when looking at how to clear a blocked drain, one does not have to look at the cost only as there are other factors which also have to be put under consideration.

It is thus important to start the process by consulting an emergency drainage company such as IQ Plumbers which boasts of a very professional approach. As professionals, IQ Plumbers do not just poke the system to make sure that the drain clears. They also look at the system and see where it has gone wrong and then take the necessary steps to clear it.