Plumbers you can trust and what you should ask before choosing a plumbing company.

September 29th, 2016

There is no shortage of London plumbers at any given point in time, ready to have a go at fixing your plumbing or drainage problem then charge what they believe to be London plumbing price plus a hefty call out fee. Some plumbing companies will even charge if they can’t fix the problem and leave you with advice on the next specialist service to call as they cannot deal with your problem. The result is, you end up paying twice or three times what you would have if you called the right person for the job at hand.

As someone who has always believed in a fair and transparent service in the trade industry, I have compiled a check-list to qualify the plumber for before hiring his services for a job.

Questions to ask when making first contact:

  • Request a current copy of the plumber’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
  • Check what others have to say about the plumber or plumbing company by checking their reviews. Do not rely only on their website for reviews as these can be altered in favour of the plumber. A good place to start is Google reviews.
  • Before booking the plumbing service, ask how much they charge per hour, do they charge call-out fees, do they charge a mark up on materials and do they charge for travel time when they need to leave to purchase materials.
  • Ask if the works will be guaranteed and for how long.
  • If you have a blocked drain, ask the plumber attending if he/she has the right equipment for the job (i.e jetting machine and drain cameras)
  • If your boiler needs fixing, ask the plumber to provide a gas safe registration ID card and make a note of the engineers gas safe number.

Our judgement often becomes clouded  and we act impulsively when there is a plumbing emergency in our home or businesses. In this situation it is very easy to end up being ripped off. Pre-qualify your plumber to save money for yourself in the long-run and may even end up with a good plumber for life.








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