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North London Services

Unblocking sinks and toilets can be a daunting task even for the DIY expert, and it is often better to call in the professionals if it goes beyond using a simple plunger or unscrewing the U-fitting beneath a sink. The toilet in particular can be a health hazard if it gets blocked and needs to be tended to immediately, especially if there are toddlers around.

Our experienced and qualified plumbers can carry out a CCTV drain survey if your blockage problem is difficult to pinpoint. This advanced kit will send a robotic device down the drain system to locate the problem, controlled remotely on a high resolution screen by the operator.

This means that when you call IQ Plumbing Services for CCTV Drain Services North London the job will be carried out quickly, cleanly and professionally no matter where the blockage is, and you will be back to normal in no time at all. We specialise in plumbing and drain cleaning with minimal intrusion, and all our plumbers are City & Guilds qualified and have at least five years experience.

We are offering the following services in the North London area -

When unblocking drains in North London we use advanced methods and equipment to locate and resolve drainage problems in record time, and as the main cost is the hourly rate for the plumber, this keeps the costs down as well as inconveniencing you as little as possible. We only charge for parts and time taken, plus VAT. There is never an extra charge for call-out or collection of parts from suppliers.

In addition to fixing blocked drains in North London we also offer a comprehensive range of plumbing and related services to customers, including installing kitchens and bathrooms and providing specialist plumbing services such as pipe repair and laser leak detection.

Simply give us a call if you are experiencing blockages in your pipes and we will respond through our network of local plumbers within the hour.


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