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CCTV Drain Services North London

The days of hit-and-miss intrusive exploration to discover the causes of pipe problems are well and truly over. AT IQ Plumbing Services our CCTV drain services allow our drainage engineers to use the latest technology to send robots along drainpipes and carry out full inspections.

This is a revolution in the plumbing industry which allows us to pinpoint cracks and blockages without carrying out minor excavations that can cause peripheral damage to the foundations of the property and other pipe-work, causing additional stress and strain for the future.

Our CCTV drain survey equipment uses high definition imaging technology to access remote pipes and look for the causes of recurring blockages, and enables us to provide quick and cost-effective solutions for the most intransigent problems.

Once the portable CCTV equipment has zoomed in on the cause of the trouble, our expert plumbers will know exactly what to do to remedy it and the avoidance of collateral damage will keep your costs down. Think of CCTV drain survey technology as keyhole surgery for the home.

When you have a blocked drain, CCTV slashes the cost of normal plumbing procedures, and the much more efficient and scientific approach to problem solving means that there will be minimal domestic disruption.

If you think that getting the plumbers in is a sure recipe for piles of mud and pipes spread about your floors, dirty footprints on your carpets and a great mess to clear up afterwards, think again. CCTV technology is clean and efficient, pinpointing the causes of persistent blockages and pipe faults often without removing a thimbleful of earth. The necessary disruption caused when the fault is located is minimal, and most corrective work can be carried out cleanly and efficiently after the CCTV drainage equipment has done its work.

Our plumbers equipped with highly portable CCTV equipment are more like precision engineers than the traditional idea of a plumber, and you will be amazed at the effectiveness of the kit at tracing the hidden problem, often within minutes.

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