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Unblocking Drains North London

Unblocking drains can be a messy procedure. Most of us can just about manage a plunger in the sink or unscrewing a U-joint beneath it to remove debris or recover items like rings that have slipped down the plughole. But anything beyond that is like a ‘Here be Monsters’ sign on old maps – an undiscovered ocean of pipe-work, full of hidden terrors.

At IQ Plumbing Services our plumbers have at least five years experience and are City & Guilds certified, and the portable CCTV equipment they carry can delve into the bowels of your pipes to pinpoint the cause of the blockage or leak, cleanly and without any exploratory digging and the mess which that usually entails.

For drain unblocking and other tasks we use only local plumbers to ensure that when you have an emergency the help will be there within an hour, and whether your problem is a burst pipe, overflowing water tank or erupting toilet we will be there within the hour to put things right.

We charge an hourly rate plus parts if needed and VAT, and as we are adept at locating and fixing problems with the latest undisruptive equipment, this means that your costs will be kept as low as possible. We do not charge for the call-out or for collection of parts from suppliers, and congestion zone charges are not passed on to you either.

We are used to addressing plumbing issues on corporate premises, where time and money are at a premium and minimum disruption is of the essence, so when we arrive at your home to sort out blocked drains or anything else, you may be assured that you will be treated with the same respect and will be inconvenienced as little as possible.

As well as emergency plumbing, we also provide a full range of related services from bathroom and kitchen installation to general plumbing maintenance such as drain cleaning, and specialised services such as pipe repair and laser leak detection.

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