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Unblocking Sinks North London

If you have had experience unblocking sinks you will know how messy and time-consuming it can be, and most people would greatly prefer not having to unblock toilet plumbing either. Not only can you make an unhygienic mess, but you can also cause permanent damage to the pipes and seals by using the wrong materials.

Because of the wide range of plungers and industrial chemicals on the market for unblocking drainpipes, many people are understandably tempted to give it a go themselves by simply pouring the recommended mixture down the drain and keeping their fingers crossed.

However, some drains are not suited to this kind of treatment, and the wrong chemical mixture can cause permanent damage to the rubber seals and even to the pipes themselves. They do this by either corroding them or creating stresses that can widen any existing hairline cracks and cause the pipes to buckle and, in some cases, actually dissolve.

To unblock sink pipe-work you need to know where the problem is located and what the cause of it is. The blockage may be caused simply by debris accumulating in the U-bend beneath the sink, or it may have a more profound origin deep below the house or somewhere in the supply before it reaches the house.

At IQ Plumbing Services our plumbers can usually find the problem fast and efficiently, and even if they can’t they will use the latest CCTV equipment to go down the drains themselves and pinpoint the trouble. The traditional method has been to go in with spades and pickaxes after estimating where the blockage is, but now it is more like keyhole surgery with minimal peripheral damage to your property.

Our engineers are all experienced professionals, and unblock sink pipe-work as naturally as eating. If you have a sink blockage problem and can’t locate the cause, give us a call and save yourself time and money as well as frustration. Pipes are the veins and arteries of your house, and you don’t want to accidentally cut through the jugular whilst looking for a light scratch.

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