Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you

Rapid response times and quality service: our promise to you


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London Drainage Solutions from IQ Plumbers

Blocked drains, toilets, blocked sinks, sewers and foul smells can be some of the most disconcerting things for house-owners or commercial property owners to have to deal with. It is rarely a job that is relished and quite often something that could have been prevented in the first place. At IQ we take our drainage service and solutions very seriously. We provide fast results, coupled with expert advice on how to prevent drainage problems from occurring again. We service the whole of London with our expert team of plumbing and drainage experts and operate an emergency 24 hour drainage response unit, throughout the year. 

IQ offers a range of drainage services, both domestic and commercial. We can repair drains that are broken or have collapsed. We can unblock your drains, reline and patch them, carry out professional mechanical de-scaling as well as drain jetting. We use CCTV surveys to ascertain the problem and can even replace drains entirely if required, though this is usually a last resort. For more information on CCTV surveys, drain jetting (also known as high pressure water jetting), and indoor and outdoor repairs, please use the tabs below. 

How to prevent blocked internal drains 

Until our Tips and Tricks page is finalised we thought we would give you a little bit of advice here on how to prevent your drains from blocking, as we at IQ Plumbing know only too well how much a blocked sink or overflowing shower basin can interfere with you daily routine. At IQ we believe in preventing a problem before it comes to fruition and showing our customers how they can achieve this.

Why is my kitchen sink blocked?

There are a number of reasons why your kitchen sink may be blocked, but is usually related to food or grease getting stuck in it.

What can I do to prevent my kitchen sink blocking again?

The best thing you can do to prevent a blocked sink is to scrape your food from the plate really well, ensuring that no food can go down the plug hole and clog the pipes. Also, never put oil from your cooking down the plug hole as this can line the pipes and cause clogging so that any food or water is unable to flow down freely. Instead of putting oil down the sink plug hole, pour it into a container and pop it in the bin or pour it into your food recycling bin. Do this with dripping as well, and once cold, scrape it into the food bin instead of letting it go down the sink. Alternatively wipe a greasy pan with kitchen towel. If you cannot prevent it from going down the plug hole, you must run the hot water so that the oil cannot attach itself to the pipes and clog the pipes as it solidifies.


Why does it smell in my kitchen sink?

Sometimes when food gets stuck and starts to rot in the pipes there can be a foul smell emanating from your blocked kitchen sink. There are a number of ways to get rid of this, one of which would be to use a strong pipe cleanser which you can buy over the counter. If this doesn’t work, you may have to call IQ plumbers and we can come and clean your pipes for you. We can despatch our London drainage engineers to you as soon as you call if it is an emergency, or make an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

What can I do to prevent my the kitchen sink smelling foul again?

Always remember to prevent food from going down the kitchen plug hole and stop any oil from clogging the pipes, as above.  

Why is my bathroom sink blocked?

Usually the main reason for the bathroom sink or shower to be blocked is hair or small items such as razorblade plastic. It may even be a build up of soap residue that is preventing the bathroom sink or shower water from flowing down the pipes easily.

What can I do to prevent my bathroom sink blocking again?

Make sure any unwanted items or hair are removed from the plughole regularly. If you have young children be aware that they love to put things into holes, and teach them from an early age that popping cotton buds into a plug hole will not make mummy or daddy very happy, and will encourage the IQ Plumbing expert drainage team to have to come round and unplug the blocked bathroom sink.


Why is my shower blocked?

The shower is most likely blocked due to hair or bits of plastic, just like the bathroom sink.

What can I do to prevent my shower blocking again?

Always remove unwanted hair from the bath or shower plug hole. Do it regularly so that it doesn’t have the chance to clog it up completely. If it is left, it can cause flooding in your shower.


Why is my toilet blocked?

The main reasons for a blocked toilet is things being put into a toilet that have no place there and that cannot be flushed. All that should ever go into a toilet is toilet paper.

What can I do to prevent my toilet blocking again?

Never put cotton wool, baby wipes, sanitary towels or tampons in the toilet. Go easy on your toilet paper usage and never put hand towels in the toilet as they are too thick to flush, especially if you put a lot of them down there.  Keep the toilet lid down at all times, if you have little ones running around as items like dummies and mobile phones are surprisingly not flushable!

Keeping to these rules in your kitchen and bathroom will ensure that your toilets and sinks or showers remain unblock, and there will be no need to call out your local London plumbers from IQ Plumbing Services.

Are my drains blocked externally?

Your drains could be blocked externally and causing an overflow or they could be damaged and in need of repair. They could be filling up with leaves and debris or could have collapsed or damaged. You will need to call a professional who can use CCTV drain survey equipment in order to ascertain what the problem is, if it is not immediately visible. 

What can I do to prevent this from happenening in the future? 

Keeping your garden, yard or pavement area clean, tidy and debris free is very important. Keeping leaves away from drains, sweeping them up and putting them in your compost or your garden bins, will be much better than allowing them to fall down a public drain. If they go down a drain, it can cause overflow or flooding. Keeping you own drains free of leaves is essential if you don't want to experience flooding either. There are some instances where it cannot be helped of course; tree roots often grow and get in the way of the drainage system, these can damage the actual pipes as well and block the drains. It is only possible to see if this is the problem when using CCTV drainage survey equipment which requires the help of a professional. Most of the time using a high pressure water jetting system will ensure that if there are any blockes or build up of unwanted matter in the drain itself, this can be cleared easily and quickly. 

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