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Plumbing Services South West London

The plumbing is an important part of the house and is usually taken for granted, but when it goes wrong it can turn your life upside down. If you have ever had your water supply blocked or cut off for some reason, you know it is like being catapulted back to the Stone Age with one of the major trappings of civilisation suddenly taken away, and you are left feeling as helpless as a beached whale.

Blockages in the plumbing system can be caused by many things, usually accumulations of debris such as hair and waste products, which can easily be cleared out either with a plunger or by dismantling the U-pipe under the sink. But more serious blockages often occur in more remote regions of the house and are difficult to locate and get at. They are often caused by grease mixing with other waste products and solidifying in the pipes, and can cause them to burst if not tackled quickly.

Commercially available industrial chemicals are often poured down the sink to clear blockages, but these can harm the pipe linings and seals if not used appropriately and are often ineffective in any case. It is often better in such cases to call in a professional plumber.

AT IQ Plumbing Services our qualified and experienced plumbers are available for call-out 24/7 all year round, and because we use only local people we guarantee a response within the hour. Using the latest remote controlled CCTV equipment to locate obscure blockages, we will have your problem cleared in no time. With a completed CCTV survey, our plumbers will know exactly where to look and this reduces mess and time wastage, which significantly affects your bill.

As well as emergencies, we are available for general plumbing services and maintenance such as drain cleaning with the latest equipment, and also provide a range of related services from bathroom installation to specialised pipe freezing and laser leak detection.

We cover all these areas in the South West London -

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We cover all these services in the South West London -

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